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  1. ryanOriley

    upgrading to a new uke (tenor) and need some advice!

    i have been using a makala soprano for a year now and i love it and now i am looking at upgrading to a acoustic/electric tenor of some sort but i don't know much about brands and stuff so i need some help! here are some that i found on ebay so i would love to hear your opinions! thanks...
  2. ryanOriley

    Song Help Request Paul Wright?

    i'm not picky on any particular songs, i love most of his stuff so i want to learn some of his stuff on uke. can somebody help me out?
  3. ryanOriley

    Song Help Request The General- Dispatch?

    oh i want that too, that song is sweet
  4. ryanOriley

    New Players from GA!

    hey everyone, my friend joeygilkey80 and i just ordered our ukuleles and they should be in this friday and we're going to start learning how to play using online videos. we're excited to be part of the UU Family!
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