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  1. Jibgirl

    Song Help Request Buena Vista Social Club song intro help

    El Cuarto de Tula The chords on Ultimate Guitar Tabs are good for the song (although I'm subbing E7 for E because beginner.) What I'm trying to work out is the intro played on the trumpet. I can recreate it on a keyboard - it's A, Aflat, B but I don't know what those translate to on a...
  2. Jibgirl

    WTB - Romero XS Soprano

    Laminate or Solid wood model. If you're looking to thin the collection, please let me know.
  3. Jibgirl

    4-string or 5-string Banjo Uke?

    I am working on learning Clawhammer on my Soprano Firefly (purchased here a few years back) and if I get anywhere near decent, I was going to reward myself with an upgrade from my plastic fretboard. I do know Bean Sprout has a 5-String. Have not researched to the point of knowing if anyone...
  4. Jibgirl

    Hello from Savannah

    Hi all, Found this site after looking for some decent online lessons - very happily working through some chord combo classes now. Making real progress as opposed to my initial attempt some years back with a chord book. At the moment there are two of us sharing a concert Kala we picked up at...
  5. Jibgirl

    WTB: Mainland Pineapple

    Tenor would be my preference. (Yup - I see that I just missed one too. Argh.) Thanks in advance. :)
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