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  1. Farmer Rob

    Off to see Jake!!

    In Modesto Calif. of all places... Really stoked
  2. Farmer Rob

    The first step is....

    Admitting u have a problem
  3. Farmer Rob

    Share Your Head "Jewelry"

    Guarding my Sceptre
  4. Farmer Rob

    Adopting a "child" in Hawaii....Caught off guard, moment of weakness

    I truly didn't think it was even possible... but when they're finishing a run of grails the day u walk in.... (Skull is a cast bronze piece from a friend at Steel Flame Jewelry)
  5. Farmer Rob

    Song Help Request What song is he playing?

    In the video-sound sample here: Just fantastic playing....
  6. Farmer Rob

    FS-OT 1929- 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE

    (( SALE is SOLD. - off to Carnival! )) I got this originally because I'd never actually seen one in person- not common in California, Only seen one in 10 years and was $750 So I snatched it up because it seemed like a great find- Just cant get used to the hillbilly twang - Here is What I got...
  7. Farmer Rob

    FS-OT 192901930 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE

    What I got: (will get UU id pic tonight) 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE (Recently purchased in person at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville) quite nice- see pix album: General Description: mahogany stained laminated maple rim and flat plate resonator...
  8. Farmer Rob

    Wtt: 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE

    FS-OT 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE Sorry guys- been offline from UU for quite a bit- had a job change and ready to get back into things.. Would like to trade for a nice pineapple or ??? (I'm a wood grain whore) sell outright if no trade- trade in the 500-600 dollar range.. I can add cash for...
  9. Farmer Rob

    WTT: My '30 Gibson UB-1 Banjo Uke for a nice Pineapple UKE or Sceptre Uke

    (Appologies- I somehow locked myself out of UU last year and forgot about this- it is still avail..) What I got: 1930 UB-1 Gibson Banjo UKE (Recently purchased in person at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville) quite nice- see pix album: General...
  10. Farmer Rob

    Anyone need a new guitar (2) choices- I want a koa or mango uke

    Gretsch 5120 w/ custom bomber pickguard This stylish, professional guitar features newly designed Gretsch Dual-Coil humbucking pickups, adjustable bridge, chrome-plated die-cast tuners, and wicked cool colors! It is crafted with a laminated maple body, 24-3/4" rosewood fretboard on maple neck...
  11. Farmer Rob

    Thanks to those who made "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for Cpt. Google

    i dont usually post, but read quite a bit, that tribute video was so very special and emotional- a big THANK YOU for those who took the time to compile and perform. Vince would be proud. :o
  12. Farmer Rob

    WTT My Alden LP Style Zematitis Guitar for a nice UKE

    hi gang, new here, but a long history on various boards.. (click for a ref check) Mainly a watch guy, but i bought a uke and guitar - dont like the guitar, want another uke!! Alden (Zematitis) Bluesline ZE Engraved Metal Top Electric LP These go aout $530 street + ship, As new- set-up & I...
  13. Farmer Rob

    is it ok to post WTT ads in the uke market section?

    ie; trade guitar for uke??:cool:
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