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  1. ukebam16

    DaSilva ukulele shop hours??

    I went by the place on a Saturday at 11:30...nobody there. I sent him an email asking what the hours were of the reply. I visit on the following Wednesday at 1:30 and theres nobody there again... Whats the story? Mr. DaSilva hasn't returned my calls either. I really wanted to shop...
  2. ukebam16

    minor fix -- spelling of "buy" in description of "buying tips".

    :cool: its spelled "by"...omg!
  3. ukebam16

    Low G Concert ukulele strings?

    I went to my local music store to purchase some 'ukulele strings with Low G tuning for my concert size 'ukulele. They only had Low G's for tenors...They make concert 'ukulele strings with Low G tuning right?? If so, can someone PLEASE recommend me a brand? I'm looking to order online and I need...
  4. ukebam16

    Wound vs unwound strings and when to tune the 'ukulele.

    I am sure this has been posted before, but what are wound and unwound strings? Why should I choose one or the other? Also, I have had my same uke strings (Aquila) for 5 months and I feel they have lost the crispness in sound they initially displayed (in about two months of use) and I'm finding...
  5. ukebam16

    Is there much of a sound difference between matte and gloss finish?

    I bought a Kala Acacia a couple months ago. Its in a matte finish. Recently Kala changed the model to a new glossy finish. They hiked up the price 50 bucks. Is this because the Acacia wood is becoming rare or is this because the gloss finish has a better sound and/or look?
  6. ukebam16

    Hello All!

    ***My name is Shayne and I'm getting my first uke Christmas day! I'm pretty excited because I'm receiving the Kala Acacia Concert uke, which has many great reviews. (And of course I'm ordering from MGM). I'm a (15 yr. old) pianist of 2 years and I used to play trombone for 3 years. I hope my...
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