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  1. deach

    3rd Annual Ukulele Festival at Lake Anne in Reston Virginia

    The talent really stepped it up this year. The Paul Hemmings Uketet wowed everyone. Pat Quinn and Gina DeSimone had me singing along with every blues song they did. The Sweater Set was awesome despite covering "Call Me Maybe" and the alumni performers didn't fail to put smiles on everyone's...
  2. deach

    All my love's in vain

    It's been a long damn time since I've played the uke and this vid confirms it. btw I'm only playing 2 strings.
  3. deach

    Song Help Request Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper

    I'll try. It's something like down down, down down down up down up A B A B Left Right left Right Select. or something like that. Just have fun with it and you'll get it right. Ben says you still owe him $2.
  4. deach

    Song Help Request Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper

    I'm not sure how the original goes because it's been years since I gigged with Ben but here's an easy way to play it:
  5. deach

    Song Help Request Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper

    I play it with 3 , maybe 4 chords. A, D and E A D I went down to Nashville Tennessee E A But you wouldn't even come around to see me A D Since your headed up to Carolina E...
  6. deach

    Kanilea Koa Tenor - Satin finish<SOLD>

    Kanilea Koa Tenor - Satin finish Oahu Hard case This uke is not in mint condition but it still looks very good. Sounds like a Kanilea should. Normal surface scratches. Medium scratch on side of headstock. Sorry, US only sale. $550 includes shipping - Paypal only
  7. deach

    Ko'olau Koa Pineapple Tenor - Satin finish<SOLD>

    Ko'olau Koa Pineapple Tenor - Satin finish Ko'olau Hard case Rare tenor pineapple uke. This uke is not in mint condition but it still looks great. Currently strung low g, the pineapple shape gives lower bass tones than a uke with a traditional shape. There is one ding on the side as pointed...
  8. deach

    I'm on the edge!

    ...because there isn't enough Gaga ukulele covers.
  9. deach

    Please help me understand

    So UU 2.0 is out...I don't get it. Why did I have to have to re-register? Why no single sign-on? What's the point of it? The only thing I can figure out is it's UU's version of Twitter. Rayan, I know there has to be a "bigger picture". Please clue us/me in on it.
  10. deach

    Lake Anne Ukulele Festival - Reston, Virginia!

    Sure, can I sign your chest?
  11. deach

    Lake Anne Ukulele Festival - Reston, Virginia!

    Without traffic..... Probably 4-5 hours realistically. Her videos don't do her talent justice. Her version of Smelly Cat is incredible!
  12. deach

    Lake Anne Ukulele Festival - Reston, Virginia!

    July 10, 2010. 9AM - 2:30PM My set starts at 9:45. (oh yeah, and Victoria Vox will be there too)
  13. deach

    I Want You To Want Me - Cheap Trick cover

    I have two copyright strikes against my YouTube account so I shouldn't be doing covers but I live dangerously.
  14. deach

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    How would that look when everyone turned 80?
  15. deach

    Lots of pix and a detailed account of Tahoe Area Uke Fest

    Nice write-up. Looks like a great time.
  16. deach

    Ripple - Grateful Dead

    Yes. Sounds good to me.
  17. deach

    Mya-Moe Classic Tenor

    Features * What year was it made? Where was is made? (Hawaii, Japan, China etc...) - March 2010, Washington * How many frets? - 19 (14 to the body) * Solid-Top? Laminated top? - solid * Any pickups or electronics? - Mi-Si with volume control * Body and neck woods? ( Koa...
  18. deach

    My Pocket-dialing Girlfriend - original
  19. deach

    Alone with You

    Here's a song I wrote for Michelle 14twelve She did an awesome job with it! If you haven't checked out her YouTube channel, what are you waiting for. Clickity click click.
  20. deach

    Song Help Request Romance /Romanza/Romantica tabs
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