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  1. JoeyJr858

    SD Meetup for a good cause... March 18, 2012 (Ski Beach - San Diego, CA)

    Got confirmation that some of the Almost Islanders band will be coming out to jam! AWESOME! =)
  2. JoeyJr858

    SD Meetup for a good cause... March 18, 2012 (Ski Beach - San Diego, CA)

    Howzit everyone, just wanted to see if anyone would like to meet up for a couple hours and jam some songs for a good cause. I'm helping my good friends raise money for their son (w/ Team Kolu) for their Race for Autism. My Polynesian entertainment group will be having a mini Tahitian Drumming...
  3. JoeyJr858

    WOW UU... 2 kids later and I'm finally back! =)

    love all the site changes! Looks good bruddahz! so yeah, 1 month ago yesterday I had my 2nd baby... girl this time, but yeah 1st born's doin' great! I've been missing all kines uke updates! haha, but I'll try to frequent more often again! Au'rye n Alooooooooooha! :shaka::shaka:
  4. JoeyJr858

    Tahitian Drum workshop in San Diego

    Howzit everyone! I know a lot of people in the ukulele world actually come from Halau's or some form of Polynesian entertainment group, so I figure I would spread the word on the forums if anyone's interested. Pacific Arts Dance Studio's is hosting another tahitian drumming workshop by the...
  5. JoeyJr858

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    Big Big Mahalo's to everyone who came out to the workshop! We're truly honored to have hosted this 2nd one for Aldrine at our little studio! Until the next one! Joey and the Pacific Arts team
  6. JoeyJr858

    Great time at De Anza Cove Mission Bay

    aw man... wish we coulda made it out. Had to support the wifey on her 5K run today. Day started too early and we were hellza beat. But all good... anyone take video?
  7. JoeyJr858

    PICTURES: Aldrine's uke workshop @ Pacific Arts Dance studio in SD

    NICE SHOTS bro! I'ma have to steal some of them for my FB page if it's cool? haha
  8. JoeyJr858

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    last reminder before I head over and help set up! 3 hours till the workshop! =) Hope to see familiar and new faces! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOTS!!!!!!
  9. JoeyJr858

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    just a reminder everyone. Workshop TONIGHT @ 5pm off Miramar Road. ALL LEVELS for the 1st hour... (not split into beginners, then intermed/advanced...) then MINI concert! Hit me up if ya need more info! SHOOTS!
  10. JoeyJr858

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    memories!!! let's make new ones THIS weekend! =) shoots!
  11. JoeyJr858

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    Hey all, No doubt from Aldrine's last workshop at the studio, he covered all levels of playing. Demonstrated the basics and showed how to improve on it! Definitely a natural at teaching! I've been to many ukulele workshops and Aldrine's has been top notch! Hope to see many of you out there!
  12. JoeyJr858

    Another San Diego Uke Jam??

    yeah... due for another one! I've only made 1 since nuke started the meetups!
  13. JoeyJr858

    PICTURES - SD Jam Session!

    nice pics! I wish I could've made it out for the fun. Keep me posted on the next jam session? also, any video footage? I like see!
  14. JoeyJr858

    Stanley's Gig DVD

    anyone ever watch it? I'm debating on buying it on Amazon.
  15. JoeyJr858

    BJ Penn or GSP POLL

    Gsp... is going DOWN!!! BJ PENN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what?
  16. JoeyJr858

    Song Help Request Take Five by David Brubeck

    7 days by Sting is a great song... it's in 7/4. check it out!
  17. JoeyJr858

    Ukulele Workshop in San Diego - January 2009

    thanks for comin' out Tiki Ink!
  18. JoeyJr858

    MOST expensive uke you've touched/played?

    wearymicrobe brought his custom Kanilea to Dericks workshop in San Diego yesterday... I won't disclose the price, but I will say it's a good down payment on a car! HAHA it's actually REALLY SAWEET!! Sounds and looks incredible! Plus there was a $7,000 taylor guitar there. I got to play it a...
  19. JoeyJr858

    took a while, but here's my 1st YouTube vid

    usually too nervous to post footage of me playing uke! Stagefright, but ONLINE!!!! lol :p
  20. JoeyJr858

    Ukulele Workshop in San Diego - January 2009

    I believe he's gonna start advertising the DVD on his website., but I'll confirm this morning when I see him. BTW... LAST CALL!!! Workshop is TODAY folks! See page 1 for more details if you're still interested! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS!
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