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  1. Kanaka916

    The Return of Dominator Ukulele Tabs (Sort of)!

    Howzit Brad .... great job bringing back Dom's tabs. Hope everything is well in Honoka'a.
  2. Kanaka916

    Christmas Cheer

    Mele Kalikimaka to all the members of UU. Have a joyful holiday season with your families and friends. Be safe and we'll see you in the new year! Aloha!
  3. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Can't Help Falling In Love Solo for wedding

    For some reason, I've never used the forum's "Search" engine. I've always used Google search using the following parameter (minus the brackets) []; space after .com followed by whatever you're searching for i.e. [ can't help...
  4. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request hawaiian soul ukulele chord help plz

    Haven't seen any tabs for it and would be mo easy if you figure it out .... mebbe Brad can put something together if he get time.
  5. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request hawaiian soul ukulele chord help plz
  6. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Pakalolo by Makaha Sons of Ni'hau

    The verse starting with Past ... it's Past by a place called Ewa, didn't bother to turn around I put my hand in my pocket and guess what I foun
  7. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Poli'ahu, TERESA Bright

    Try this version ... or this YT version with lyrics and chords
  8. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Iration- No Time

    Did a quick search via google and came up with this ...
  9. Kanaka916

    International Play Seeso Loud Day

    I took this off of FB to share with the UU membership. Much Mahalos to Alex Boon for posting this and explaining what is happening with Seeso. So please, if you would, a silent prayer to wish him nothing but the best in this fight. It is DECLARED that Monday, December 12th, 2016 is officially...
  10. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Let's Do It - Cole Porter

    There are several arrangements available, I think the first one is what you're looking for....
  11. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Ernie Cruz Jr. & Where are the brothers

    Still hea, no play dat much dees days ... doing good, jus kickin and enjoyin life! Aneting happenin in da Bay? Us guys goin play tourist in da aina next month! Drop one line wen can!
  12. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Ernie Cruz Jr. & Where are the brothers

    Ho Brah, how you been? Glad fo see you still hangin!
  13. Kanaka916

    Song Help Request Hawaiian Song Help

    Chords and lyrics here (key of D) .... she's plucking on the strings one at a time using the chords in an out to in pattern as she's singing the melody.
  14. Kanaka916

    Nor Cal Ukulele Festival, April 24th

    Gary, did you make it to the Hayward?
  15. Kanaka916

    Nor Cal Ukulele Festival, April 24th

    Glad you enjoyed the event ...
  16. Kanaka916

    Nor Cal Ukulele Festival, April 24th

    It's a great event to attend ... missed last year and unfortunately this year also but have attended the previous 4. The venue has plenty of parking, a lot of arts and craft vendors including Kamaka, food booths and people just hangin out with a lot of kanikapila goin on. The highlight is...
  17. Kanaka916

    Kaena album

    Is that the one with "You Say"? Hard album to find; I think came out in 04 and probably out of print. Try putting a want add in CL Hawaii.
  18. Kanaka916

    Alone Again (Naturally) Gilbert O'Sullivan

    Thanks Jim! FYI, another version in the key of F is available through Scorpex ...
  19. Kanaka916

    New discoveries - at least for me!

    When you reply to a post, look for the icon that has a globe with chain link. Click on it and a window will appear where you enter the URL of the page/site you're linking to. Hit OK and the link will be posted.
  20. Kanaka916

    Place purchase sheet music for Ka'au Crater Boys songs?

    Another site to check is Dominator's Uke Tabs. Dom is a long time member and has a number of tabs available for download. Tell him Danny sent ya!
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