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  1. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Ghibli help please!

    Hey guise :3 How's it going? I was wondering, does anyone have the chords for Yasashisa Ni Tsutsumareta Nara? It's the credits song on Kiki's Delivery Service :) Here's the youtube: If anyone would work it out (sounds pretty easy), I'd be very...
  2. peytakeeho

    Jake's book arrived!!!

    Yay :o It's beautiful.
  3. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Pineapple Mango

    Hey! Can anyone tab out this version of Daniel Ho's Pineapple Mango? It's got a vocal >.< Thanks!
  4. peytakeeho

    I'm A Dreamer

    Hey, does anyone know when the hard copies of Aldrine's album are out? The digital ones came out in October :iwant:
  5. peytakeeho

    Any groups in Suffolk/Essex UK?

    Here's a list of some clubs in England, it might have one on:
  6. peytakeeho

    Yuki No Hana Tabs

    Many thankyous, this kicks butt! Great christmas present : )
  7. peytakeeho

    Check this now! Jake Shimabukuro is doing a live thingy now :D
  8. peytakeeho


    Just saw this on Facebook. Last time I checked, there weren't 168 ukulele chords. Or could I be wrong? :p
  9. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Japanese Koto Music

    Okai, I'll give it a go :P Expect a post in a few months ;)
  10. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Haru Yo Koi

    Try PMing the guy who made this one :) If you inbox this guy your email, he'll send you tabs for sure, but the ones I got seemed a little off, so if you find a better one please let me know :o Again, you...
  11. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Japanese Koto Music

    GUYS! I found an online link if that's easier: Or for you US guys: THANK YOU IF YOU HELP!!! :3
  12. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Japanese Koto Music

    Hey guys :) Wondering if you could help me out, this one's a bit of a long shot, but here goes :o If you go on iTunes and find the album 'Chinese and Japanese Koto Harp and Shakuhachi Flute Music', it's the first track, entitled 'Japanese Koto Music'. I love the tune so much, it's about a...
  13. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Ain't No Sunshine! Write a tab or not?

    I think a tab would be great too, if possible :)
  14. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Pokemon theme Uku

    Aldrine did a lesson. Check out the live lesson archives.
  15. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Kimono Girls Pwease

    Hey guys! Can anyone help me out with tabs for the Kimono Girls Theme from Pokemon G/S/C? It goes like this: It's a short tune, but looks very difficult. Thanks if you try it :) :iwant:
  16. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Canon in D - Johann Pachelbel (High G)

    Aldrine actually did a lesson for this ages ago, here: and here: Just another version for you to work on :P
  17. peytakeeho


    Deathly Hallows Part 2. I saw it at midnight (England time :3). Any opinions? I thought it was really different from what I'd imagined, but a pretty good film.
  18. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

    Find the youtube channel for colinrtribe Shoot him an email and ask for it :)
  19. peytakeeho

    Oh those Kamakas...

    Hai :3 I hope this isn't in the wrong section :confused: But anyways, I've been luvin' the Kamaka HF-3 lately, and seeing as I'm a long, long way away from gettings me one, I was wondering if anyone here knew of any videos of them that I could listen to? THANX GAIZ :o
  20. peytakeeho

    Song Help Request Aloha 'Oe

    This version is pretty similar: Also, there's loads of other songs on that :)
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