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  1. Ukesista

    Vegetable Orchestra

    Thought this was very cool. A group of people who carve their own instruments out of vegetables and play them. They sound incredibly good. Check it out.,25642,24454116-5014239,00.html
  2. Ukesista

    Tutorial 3- Spanish Piece

    Here is the final video in a three video tutorial set of the spanish finger picking exercise I use. Here I introduce the notes on the sixth fret E string.
  3. Ukesista

    Tutorial 2- Spanish Piece

    Ok, I've made tutorial 2 and added some notes which are played with the same picking pattern. Tutorial 3 coming soon :)
  4. Ukesista

    Tutorial - Spanish Piece

    A couple of people asked me If I could show them how to play the spanish finger picking piece that I played in my latest youtube video. So I thought I would do a tutorial. This first video is the finger picking pattern. Second video coming soon.
  5. Ukesista

    Spanish Tune - Finger Exercises

    A short Spanish piece that I've been playing to help with finger exercises. It helps stretch my fingers on my left hand and speed on the right.
  6. Ukesista

    Csardas by Brittni Paiva

    Hey thanks for posting this up. Appreciate all the hard work it took to tab it out.
  7. Ukesista

    Rodrigo Y Gabriela

    Yep I'd be very interested to :)
  8. Ukesista

    Soldier's Joy - a new bluegrass arrangement

    I really enjoyed this Ken, I love the bend on those notes, sounds great :)
  9. Ukesista


    Awesome job there Michelle. Much appreciate the hard work, It's going to be fun to learn.
  10. Ukesista

    Any aussies here that play the ukulele?

    Welcome aboard newcomers and hello long timers that I've not been introduced to, I'm from Sydney.:)
  11. Ukesista

    I Got a Name - Jim Croce

    I really like this song, it's so moving, thanks for sharing :)
  12. Ukesista

    In My Life

    Here's just a short section of this ukulele solo. Some of the stretches on this I found difficult, especially when moving quickly between the chords and picking the notes. Didn't quite manage to get that last bit smooth, hope you all enjoy watching anyway :)...
  13. Ukesista

    Song Help Request PLEASE HELP! Gerry Rafferty "Baker Street"

    How about this --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Ukesista


    This one is not as smooth playing as the others, it's more difficult and my strings felt like they were sticking to my fingers. I need more practice with this one, and I also think I am a bit limited with my fairly cheap uke and perhaps a more expensive one would be easier to play. When I get...
  15. Ukesista

    Europa Intro - Requested

    Hey guys I put this video up for those who requested it. This is all I've got for the intro so I hope you enjoy it! :)
  16. Ukesista

    Song Help Request Only Human by K

    Hey Sesso that's great I really appreciate all the time and effort that it's going to take.
  17. Ukesista

    Song Help Request Only Human by K

    I should say it's full name is Only Human 1 litre of Tears.
  18. Ukesista

    Song Help Request Only Human by K

    Hey Sesso, Here is a link to guitar chords as well and piano music.
  19. Ukesista

    Song Help Request Only Human by K

    If onyone knows where I can get the tab for this Japanese song or, if anyone can work it out that would be really good. I searched on google and found the piano music. Here is a youtube uke arrangement by Kris Fuchigami, which is really nice. Thanks :music...
  20. Ukesista


    I know that there are plenty of versions of this song on youtube but I wanted show some variety in my playing and also say thanks to davoomac because I learnt this song from his tutorials. Here is the link
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