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  1. polynesianpop

    Aldrine in San Diego September 30, 2009!...

    Does anyone know what time this is? Looking forward to it!
  2. polynesianpop

    Huntington Beach Show Vids

    Hey Greg, thanks for posting these! I ended up not being able to make this show so I'm glad someone got some video :)
  3. polynesianpop

    Great time at De Anza Cove Mission Bay

    Awesome Pics! Thanks for posting them Bugoy. Always fun hanging out with the UU!
  4. polynesianpop

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    Anybody have any pics from the HB show last night?
  5. polynesianpop

    Concert Fluke For Sale

    Well, I just got my tax bill and I made the decision to sell off a few ukes to help pay it. I'm going to start with a Mango Concert Fluke that I picked up for my son who never played it. With that said, its still brand new and in perfect condition with the tag still attached! You can click here...
  6. polynesianpop

    We need a get together in Socal...

    I am near the intersection of Archibald and Limonite! I've tried to get a group together in our area in the past but didn't seem to get much interest. I'm guessing there aren't many Ukers in the IE.
  7. polynesianpop

    We need a get together in Socal...

    Count me in. I live in the Eastvale/Corona/Chino Hills area in the IE. I'm willing to drive if necessary - just call out the dates/times! :rock:
  8. polynesianpop

    2 upcoming Almost Islanders shows!!!

    I soooooo wanted to see your show with Pau Hana but alas, I will be in Atlanta that week! :mad: Hopefully someone will get some video and post it on YouTube so I can watch after I return!
  9. polynesianpop

    Comprehensive Aldrine Guerrero Ukulele Lesson List

    This list shows how much Aldrine, Aaron and Ryan have done for the ukulele community - and all for FREE! Thanks again guys for everything you do here and thanks experimentjon for taking the effort to compile these links!
  10. polynesianpop

    Tribal Theory at 'Canes on Nov. 28! With Special Guest Almost Islanders!

    What time is the show? I'm gonna try and make it.
  11. polynesianpop

    SD Uke Jam the 3rd Coverage...

    Thanks for putting this together Arvin! We're gonna have to do one of these in OC sometime...
  12. polynesianpop

    BruddahMark & Dominator @ SCUF

    I knew I should've hung around for that! Looks like good fun. :)
  13. polynesianpop

    San Diego Represent... the THIRD!!! Nov14,2008

    I'd like to go to this! I work in Irvine so I can come down after work. Looking forward to meeting some of the San Diego UU'ers. :)
  14. polynesianpop

    A lot of OLD Island Reggae sheet music from my old website

    All the content is there, you just have to select the text by dragging your mouse over the whole page to see it.
  15. polynesianpop

    2008 Pacific Islander Festival San Diego - September 27 & 28

    Pau Hana rocked the house as always. Good times! :)
  16. polynesianpop

    2008 Pacific Islander Festival San Diego - September 27 & 28

    I'm gonna try to make this on Sunday. I usually go every year but this year I almost forgot about it -- thanks for the reminder! :)
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