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  1. justinlcecil

    In search of tenor banjo neck

    I know it's a longshot, but I'm hoping one of you fine folks might have a tenor banjo neck in pretty good nick laying about. I'm looking for one for a project.
  2. justinlcecil

    Super old Kamaka

    So an older woman in a ceramics class i'm taking made mention of the fact that her father brought an ukulele home with him after his service during WWII. She brought it in the other day and I was surprised to see that it was a Kamak. One piece top and back. Damage to both. Mismatched violin...
  3. justinlcecil

    Nail Polish on a Makala Shark--Can it be done, and any suggestions on design?

    A uke I painted. Just use acrylics. Artist grade if you can (Blick, liquitex, or golden). Sand the body with a 120 and 220 paper first and seal with a varnish after it dries (I haven't got around to that yet)
  4. justinlcecil

    Schoenhut Uke - Long Term Test

    I'll happily take all unwanted schoenhuts. I use them to paint on. =)
  5. justinlcecil

    What to paint on the sides of this uke.

    I bought a couple of Schoenhut's specifically to try painting on. I noticed they have a fairly thick bridge plate under the bridge so I drilled through, for a string through bridge to combat the bridge pulling up. I also replaced the awful tuners with some Grover 4Bs. I wouldn't mind painting on...
  6. justinlcecil

    What to paint on the sides of this uke.

    So I recently started painting on a uke I bought specifically to paint on. My first painting on anything other than canvas or panel. I love the way it has turned out. I have gone with a sea theme on this one, but can't for the life of me think of what to paint on the sides of it. I could leave...
  7. justinlcecil

    giving away a Schoenhut Ukulele

    So I didn't get any sleep last night, but I did make a bit of progress on the Schoenhut.
  8. justinlcecil

    giving away a Schoenhut Ukulele

    I could always use another one of those to paint on. Here's a progress photo of the one I am working on now. Far from done, using some of the smallest brushes I have ever seen. I am enjoying it so far though.
  9. justinlcecil

    WTT: Kanilea K1 Tenor for ??? Concert

    I don't recall, but is the the kanile'a I sold back in august of 2012? If so I may have a concert uke you would be interested in. I'll have to toss around the idea in my head. It would be hard, but I think I would trade my custom covered bridge concert (Heavily figured claro walnut back and...
  10. justinlcecil

    Does National Make Koaloha Necks?

    I know this sounds like an odd question, but I was just watching a documentary on National Resophonic guitars. They were showcasing their CNC machines (It appears they build almost everything CNC). They made some necks and then all of a sudden I see the crown headstock and unique heel of a...
  11. justinlcecil

    Reunion Blues Concert Ukulele Case For Sale

    I have a Reunion Blues concert ukulele case that has seen very little use and is absolutely pristine. I bought a mono ukulele case at roughly the same time and have decided I prefer it for its lighter weight and smaller size. I will also Include the unused luggage tag. Thanks for looking guys...
  12. justinlcecil

    Song Help Request Rains of Castamere - Game of Thrones

    I would like to think he would post some tabs for it. I have only read a little over half of the first book so I didn't expect it at all. There was just a bit of foreshadowing.
  13. justinlcecil

    Song Help Request Rains of Castamere - Game of Thrones

    The only bad thing about the tv series is the wait in between seasons. I am slowly but surely working on the books. QUOTE=lakesideglenn;1292269]Can't help you on playing the song but Thrones is my absolute favorite TV series. Even though I've read the books last weeks episode still left me...
  14. justinlcecil

    Song Help Request Rains of Castamere - Game of Thrones

    Come on guys I need this for a friends wedding. =) That is a joke that you will only get if you are up to date on the show...perhaps I should have posted this to song help?
  15. justinlcecil

    Song Help Request Rains of Castamere - Game of Thrones

    Not sure if there are many Game of Thrones fans on UU. But has anyone found or written any tabs for the Rains of Castamere on ukulele?
  16. justinlcecil

    Am I In the Wrong? Am I a Jerk?

    So I was doing my typical ebay search for cool ukuleles and i stumbled upon a vintage banjo ukulele. The seller didn't know anything about his uke. I have owned 2 and restored one of this particular uke. It was a supertone banjolele made by Lange. Thinking I would do the right thing I informed...
  17. justinlcecil

    Mono ukulele case

    So I ordered an Oahu hard shell concert case from HMS for my covered bridge that is nearing completion. It had been a while since I ordered and it was still processing so I emailed Zach @ shipping. He explained of their mistake that they are out of oahu's til April. He offered me a mono m80...
  18. justinlcecil

    Lexington KY uke club

    makes me wish i lived a little closer to lexington.
  19. justinlcecil

    Headstock shape poll

    I love the look of the old Lange made Supertone banjoleles.
  20. justinlcecil

    Hardshell Concert Ukulele cases. Thoughts and suggestions.

    So I will be in the market for a concert ukulele case soon and I was wondering what peoples experiences are with their cases? What cases do you recommend? What cases should I avoid? Can a good hardshell case be bought for under $100? Lead me to the perfect case folks. - Justin Cecil
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