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  1. Raygf

    Eastern USA Uke Festivals 2020

    Gaithersburg Ukefest Where: Gaithersburg, MD When: March 20-21, 2020 Featuring: Lil Rev, Kevin Carroll, Gracie Terzian, Bill Wynne and more Website:
  2. Raygf

    Song Help Request Across the universe, Beatles

    Here are the basic chords for singing. She just plays them up the neck in the beginning. Hope this helps. Verse F dm am gm7 C7 gm7 to B flat minor on the lines, possessing and caressing me/inciting and inviting me Refrain F C7 Bflat F
  3. Raygf

    All of my uploaded photos are missing from my albums

    About two weeks ago or so, I noticed that all of the pictures I've uploaded to albums are gone. I'm not sure how long they have been missing. I sent a message to admin, but have received no response. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this recently or knows anything about it. Thanks.
  4. Raygf

    Song Help Request 2 Songs I Need Help Figuring Out!!!

    In the first video he is tune up a 1/2 step. You can play the chords in C, just not with the video. Intro F 2010 - Fm 1013 - C 0003 - A7 0100 - D7 2223 - G7 0212 - C 0003 Lyrics C - G7 - C
  5. Raygf

    Song Help Request Bob Wills "Baby That Sure Would Go Good" chords needed.

    E-flat / E-flat7 / A-flat / E-flat / B-flat / A-flat / E-flat
  6. Raygf

    R.I.P. John Dawson Winter III

  7. Raygf

    Song Help Request Blue Moon - Lisa Hannigan Version

    Thanks Ian. I avoided that section of the tune. She manages to successfully fudge her way through the middle 8 in the video. I played a version in C that uses Dm7 G7 C Am Dm7 G7 C C Ab Bb7 Eb G7 Dm7 G7 G7+5 The Ab/Bb7/Eb line is why I transposed it to D where it becomes Bb/C7/F. Whew! Here's...
  8. Raygf

    Song Help Request Blue Moon - Lisa Hannigan Version

    Her ukulele is tuned down to A (e - A - C sharp - F sharp) so the C major chord shape (0003) she is playing is sounding an A major chord. She's playing A - F#min - Bm - E with the shapes C - Am - Dm - G. If you want to leave your ukulele in C tuning and still play along with her, you would...
  9. Raygf

    Help please - St James Infirmary Blues

    Check out Fred Sokolow's Blues Ukulele Book/CD. There is an excellent version of St. James Infirmary in it.
  10. Raygf

    Song Help Request Please help me I'm useless with learning songs.

    The chord shapes are C G Am F. With the capo on the 2nd fret the chords sound D A Bm G. Keep your strumming simple until your chord changes are smooth. Try three down stums and on beat 4 down-up-down-up. You can practice the strum just holding one chord or just muting the strings by holding them...
  11. Raygf

    Koloa Solid Mahogany Baritone

    This baritone is in Mint Condition. I had a passive pickup professionally installed, case and Bridge Bone Beads included. $125 in added value. These go for $250 new, no case, no pick up. Strung with Southcoast Flat Wound Strings. (B flat tuning) $250 shipped to anywhere in the US. You pay...
  12. Raygf

    Kamoa 700-T

    This instrument is in Excellent Condition. Solid maple top back and sides Kamoa M-1 preamp price drop to $350 Uke Crazy case included. You pay shipping and paypal fee. Sound Sample I have several custom tenors that I want/need to play more and it is time to clear some space in the Music Room.
  13. Raygf

    Cowboy Waltz: looking for TAB

    Disregard the pm. Sorry. Here is a low G tab.
  14. Raygf

    NUD Kala KA-8

    Pabrizzer was playing his 8 string back in February and it sounded so good I started looking. I decided on the Kala KA-8. After checking online, I went to my local acoustic music shop and they ordered one for me. If you are fortunate enough to have a good local shop, support them whenever you...
  15. Raygf

    Merry Christmas!

    Decided to press record this evening. I've been working this one up after several years of not playing it. Enjoy!
  16. Raygf

    September Song

    Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson wrote September Song for their 1938 Broadway musical, Knickerbocker Holiday. Walter Huston, John Huston's father, sang it. I knew the popular version and last night I found a video with Walter Huston singing words that I did not know. This was mom's favorite...
  17. Raygf


    O-10 Pono anticipation is making me wait! How long? Baby, how long?
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