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  1. eleukeusa

    Eleuke is Developing a Steel String Ukulele...What do you think?

    So, first I have to apologize for not being able to give my opinion right now (I've got a museum exhibit opening tomorrow... and other such excuses), but in the mean time, here's some fuzzy right out of the box with no clean up done yet shots. You'll see the truss rod, magnetic & piezo pickups...
  2. eleukeusa

    Peanut Quality Issues

    We've made the following statement about the most recent shipment of Peanuts on our site here. Mim purchased the entire first run of these and we've been working closely with her to try to make this right. It sucks when something like this happens and its outside of our control, so we felt the...
  3. eleukeusa

    Another way to WIN a FREE Eleuke

    So after reading everyone's comments (and thank you all again for pointing out the legality of things) I'm editing this post for legal reasons. Originally, we made the claim that we'd give away a free uke every so often to those that purchased a shirt... turns out we stepped in a legal loophole...
  4. eleukeusa

    Eleuke's 60 Second Testimonial Tshirt Giveaway

    Hello Everyone, We are about to launch a YouTube ad campaign. We'd like you guys to be the stars of the ads. To do this we're holding this contest/challenge/thing. 50 will enter and 50 will win. By that I mean that the first 50 people to meet the criteria below will get a free Eleuke tshirt of...
  5. eleukeusa

    EleUke Poll: Would you buy a SWIRL?

    Hello all, remember a long time ago at Summer NAMM we had this crazy little idea to do a super limited run of 12 dipped "Swirl" ukes? Well, we thought that there was a pretty good response to that, so I want to know: if we did another limited run, would you buy one? They're very difficult to...
  6. eleukeusa

    Win an Acoustic Electric EleUke for Christmas

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if anyone has mentioned it to you yet, but its December! That means several things: My excuse for avoiding hanging our Christmas lights has passed The snow has forced me to start wearing socks again and most importantly, we at EleUkeUSA are in the Christmas Spirit...
  7. eleukeusa

    First Round of WINNERS anounced!

    EleUke has chosen the first round of winners: Groupies, Wonderkid and Dude You Gotta See This! Check out the winning videos here!
  8. eleukeusa

    1 in 5 chance to win at least $1,000

    So the worldwide eleuke contest has a few days left, and I'm not great at math or anything, but it seems like the odds are pretty good right now. There are 8 different prize categories which means that (at the time of posting this and knowing that I'm terrible at math) those who enter will have...
  9. eleukeusa

    Does this uke exist?

    Check out our dealer page for some great prices and service on the EleUkes Quoted for truth ;) The EleUkes have an active saddle pick up (powered by a 9V battery). This means that its "off" until you plug something into it. Then the headphones, speakers, whatnot are powered. Yes. You can see a...
  10. eleukeusa

    EleUke "Uke Rock" Contest WINNERS

    Hello Ukers, Sorry it took us so long to get back to you, but we had a ton of debate on who should win and watched each video (over 80!) several times. I think that you could make an argument for each one of these to win. I wish we could have given out 80 ukes, but the money people wouldn't let...
  11. eleukeusa

    Curing the Post-UWC blues

    Looks great! I'm glad it found a good home. Let me know if you put any videos or anything up of it and we'll put them on our site! Congrats.
  12. eleukeusa

    NY Uke Fest - Just got back

    I just wrote up a whole thing and got logged out and lost it all :mad:... so I'll sum up and then go try to catch up on the sleep I didn't get this weekend: *cough* midnight jams *cough* NY Uke Fest. What a blast. What cool people. What amazing Ukuleles. Hung out with the Mia-Moe guys (super...
  13. eleukeusa

    SE Idaho-County Line Ukalliance

    A couple of us from Eleuke will be there!
  14. eleukeusa

    Play an EleUke, Win Huge. $5,000 grand prize

    Click here to skip my rambling and go to the contest details EleUke is putting on a huge contest with $15,000 worth of prize money to win. Not $15k of store credit, not $15k worth of products, its straight up cash. Grab your EleUke (old or new, MP3 or not, any brand of Stringnet instrument) and...
  15. eleukeusa

    SE Idaho-County Line Ukalliance

    That was fun last night... good times.
  16. eleukeusa

    FINALLY... EleUkes have arrived in the U.S.

    I gotta say, that took forever, but the first major shipment of the year has arrived. We got lots of Pineapples and Rosewood 100 concerts in! We also have a few of the following K, RH, 100 and Jazz that came in as well. The SL (koa) will be here mid-may. So, you should be seeing these show up...
  17. eleukeusa

    What should the EleUke Tiki Guy say?

    So our website has a little mascot, the Tiki Guy. As you click through different pages he randomly says different things. I'm getting kind of tired of his little quotes and he needs some new ones... though I'll never get tired of "I'm not wearing any pants" 'cause that's just dang funny. So...
  18. eleukeusa

    Eleuke is Developing a Steel String Ukulele...What do you think?

    So we're chilaxing here at Eleuke and talking about our steel string. Our factory has actually made a solid body electric prototype. They say it sounds sweet to the ears. The way they have it, they are still working on the price, but we're expecting $300-$350 MSRP. We need to know from ya'll...
  19. eleukeusa

    EleUke T Shirt Colors

    Hi Everyone, We're putting together some shirts and stuff to give away. As always, we'd like to give the people what they want so I'm going to the people to find out: People, what shirt colors would you like? I'm really leaning towards a Kelly Green or a Light Blue, but others like brown and...
  20. eleukeusa

    Win an EleUke. Ice Cream and Ukes Contest

    The Contest is over and winners have been chosen... oh yeah, I said winners plural... check out page 10 of this thread for the announcement. So UU member MIM was just approved to sell Ukes in her Ice Cream store. EleUkes will be a big part of this and we're excited (send me ice cream...
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