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  1. mani saguana

    Impressed with my toy

    Ha yesterday during all the fourth of july festivities someone came up to me and told me they were impressed I could play music on a toy guitar.
  2. mani saguana

    I finally fixed my computer!!!

    Now I can go back to my old ways of spending all day on UU. hope I didnt miss much. I probably did though oh and something terrible happened to my uke. My friend sat on my kala and snapped the headstock off. but luckily my friends grandpa repairs instruments as a hobby so he just fixed it...
  3. mani saguana

    UU withdrawls

    My laptops hard drive died in november so havent really been on the forum much. I hope I can get it fixed soon
  4. mani saguana

    Ukulele Source in San Jose

    I didnt know this place existed. I gotta check it out soon
  5. mani saguana

    The Official Holiday Tab Thread

    Here are some tabs for jingle bell rock I know there's already chords out there for this, but I think these are more lead than rhythm. -4-4-4--3-3-3--1-3-1--1----- -1-1-1--1-1-1--1-1-1--2----- -1-1-1--1-1-1--1-1-1--3----- -1-1-1--1-1-1--1-1-1--1----- It's not really the whole song, just a...
  6. mani saguana

    My new uke is here!!!

    Ha I just got the cedar kala I ordered from mgm. well I actually got it an hour ago but I was too busy playing it to go on UU. I just learned my first song Waiting in Vain by Bob Marley pretty easy good song though Any song suggestions for a beginner?
  7. mani saguana

    Ah! I hate suspense

    alright so I ordered a cedar top kala from MGM and I'm waiting for my bank to transfer money to my paypal account. I have been sitting here all day refreshing paypal waiting for the money to arrive so I can get my ukulele. It sucks The money better be there by the time I wake up tomorrow I hate...
  8. mani saguana

    Mad World - Gary Jules

    ha you keep tabbing songs I have been wanting to learn. I guess I'm just lucky
  9. mani saguana

    This is more of a suggestion for the people here than the site

    So has anyone seen a dollar with a website stamped or written on it? Anyways I was just thinking that everyone here could write on every dollar they get. sort of free advertising I guess
  10. mani saguana

    Ha does anyone else?

    Ha does anyone else go on UU before work come home for lunch, check UU again then go back on UU when you home from work?
  11. mani saguana

    The Joker - Steve Miller Band

    One of my favorite songs I'm definitely gonna learn this
  12. mani saguana

    Next San Jose Meet Up and Jam! 11/23

    ah I went last time but didn't have a ukulele so I just watched and ate and now this time I'm gonna be out of town. bad luck I guess
  13. mani saguana

    San Jose ukers!!

    Good News I don't have to work so I'll be there. I'm just gonna watch cus I'm uke-less for now but I should be getting a cedar top kala soon so I'll bring that to whatever you set up next
  14. mani saguana

    San Jose ukers!!

    Ha I dunno if any of you saw it but in another thread I talked about one time when my friends were at the oakridge mall and they saw someone else with a ukulele. Ha they got kinda mad cus I'm the only person they have ever seen with a ukulele. They thought it was me at first. but ya I was just...
  15. mani saguana

    San Jose ukers!!

    I was just making a Bay Area group on the forum when I clicked on new posts and found this thread. I didnt know there was so many ukulele players in San Jose. I don't have a ukulele because I gave mine to a little boy and I still dont have enough money for a new one but I'll definitely be there...
  16. mani saguana

    DaSilva or MGM?

    Before I ask my question I'm gonna introduce myself. I probably should have done it in the introduction thread but since I'm posting this I'll just do it here. My name is Armani and I live in San Jose, CA. I bought my first ukulele in december of last year after watching Jake Shimabukuro's...
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