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  1. GForce83

    Stop The Feedback!

    Got a pair of external stick-on pick-ups for my concert uke and, while the sound the produce through the amp is really nice, the amp is screaming at me every now and then - not ideal for playing a show as the rest of the band stare angrily at me. I'm going to run it through a Boss tuner pedal...
  2. GForce83

    Need to get a pickup in a hurry

    Hey all you wonderful people. I need to get a pickup for my Bushman Concert Jenny and I'm in a bit of a hurry. What would you reccomend? I have no preference for an undersaddle or a stick-on as my drummer is a professional carpenter so I trust him if anything needs to be drilled into by...
  3. GForce83

    Song Help Request tabs for alive with the glory of love by say anything

    So the verse is Dmaj, Dmaj7, Dmaj, Dmaj7, A, E and the chorus is A, F#m, E, D and, like I said, for the intro and the bridge you just need to have a little play around and see what you8 like the sound of best. Loving the collaboration on these boards !
  4. GForce83

    Song Help Request tabs for alive with the glory of love by say anything

    I got it worked out a few months back. Main verse is Not sure the name of the chords to begin with but just bar the 2nd fret and move your pinkie between 4th and 5th fret ?----?----?----?----A----E 5----4----5----4----0----2 2----2----2----2----0----4 2----2----2----2----1----4...
  5. GForce83

    I'll Follow You Into The Dark

    I play this one and it sounds pretty good.
  6. GForce83

    Force Unleashed

    Has anyone else picked this up yet? I can't work out if I love it or hate it. Letting me play as Vader for 1 level and then taking it away from me was mean. Controls seem really intuitive the more I play it. Thoughts?
  7. GForce83

    Song Help Request Watching the Detective by Elvis Costello

    And the intro is: A|---------0--2------3--2--3-- E|---0--3---------------------1 C|----------------------------- G|-----------------------------
  8. GForce83

    Thinking of buying a Flea

    I'm thinking of putting in an order for a Flea. Probably concert sized. I've been playing my cheap crappy uke for a couple of months now and have decided to make the move onwards and upwards. I've heard great reviews of the Fleas and Flukes and wanted to know if anyone has one and would...
  9. GForce83

    Song Help Request Alive With The Glory Of Love - Say Anything

    So I've been working on this and have come as far as I can without saying "Help me Ukulele Underground, you're my only hope" I've got this so far: Intro ----E7 A|--2-- E|--0-- C|--2-- G|--1-- Verse -----?----?----A----E A|--5----4----0----2 E|--2----2----0----4 C|--2----2----1----4...
  10. GForce83

    The King Blues at Reading 2008

    Nice video of a new single by The King Blues with their ukulele playing frontman Itch. check it out
  11. GForce83

    London busk

    Not sure. Never been. Fingers crossed though.
  12. GForce83

    London busk

    Great news. I was hoping I might stroll (or hobble depending on xray results) in to a uke shop empty handed and emerge with a Bushman concert jenny under my arm and a smile on my face. I'm going to check out Duke Of Uke next time I'm in Spitalfields as I end up having lunch meetings when I'm in...
  13. GForce83

    Put Your City on the UU Map!

    It's nice to be the first Londoner
  14. GForce83

    London busk

    Where are these uke shops you speak of?
  15. GForce83

    London busk

    Huzaah !!! Although I'm not going for a bit now because I done gone broke one of my ankles (and I only ever had 2 in the first place) But I could play sitting down ............
  16. GForce83

    London busk

    Anyone fancy joining me in my hobby of playing on Waterloo Bridge on sunny Sunday afternoons?
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