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  1. rocko

    Blueridge Tenor guitar on sale at amazon

    If you've ever been interested in trying a tenor guitar, the BR-40t is a great instrument. I own a second hand BR-40t and I love the sound of it. Very playable and looks quite nice too! This is a great deal for under $300
  2. rocko

    Which pickup do you think for Vintage Martin Baritone?

    Love my concert Mya-Moe with K&K Aloha Twin spot, but everyone raves about the Misi Acoustic trio. What would You do? ::eek:
  3. rocko

    Danielle Ate the Sandwich in Portland (today 6pm) and Seattle (Saturday)

    Danielle is also playing on August 23rd at: Aliviar Coffee in Portland, OR 4128 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213 6pm, free, all ages August 24th at a Public House show in Seattle, WA
 7:30 doors/8pm show, all ages, $15 
RSVP for address and more details...
  4. rocko

    Song Help Request Louisiana Fairytale Chords

    Fred Sokolow covers this song on the ukulele... and he publishes several ukulele books. However I do not know if the arrangement appears in any of his books.
  5. rocko

    2 years in... {beware ye who enter: ukulele drama within}

    I'm two years in to my Ukulele obsession. I own 6 ukuleles (two concerts and one of each: soprano, tenor, baritone, electric). I don't own a resonator or banjolele, yet... My wife who {as in everything I do} initially resisted, then complained, then accepted, and now wants {finally} to pick up...
  6. rocko

    Martin style 51 Bartione - price opinions

    I had an opportunity to play a Martin mahogany style 51 baritone ukulele. It was in excellent condition. comes from the original owner. I don't have pictures, but anyone want to offer opinion on the value? The tone was gorgeous and the neck is a thing of beauty in terms of feel. Thanks.
  7. rocko

    PDX uke jam - Fridays 9:30-11:30am

    Small uke jam gathering at my home SE Portland, OR. Informal get together, bring a song, learn a song. MSG me for address. More info:
  8. rocko

    Portland, OR - Ukulele Cafe @ Artichoke Music April 11

    Bumping this event as it is this Thursday night at 7
  9. rocko

    UKULELE MIKE LYNCH tabs payment

    I get your point, but it is just one thread... Also, some people are lurkers. I read many posts and contribute on only a few. For several years, i just lurked.
  10. rocko

    Portland, OR - Ukulele Cafe @ Artichoke Music April 11

    Bummer, Ralf. Was hoping you would play a tune. FYI there is a monthly uke jam 1st Saturday of the month 2-4pm. Also would encourage those interested to join the weds 7-8:30pm Ukulele Choir class (or any of the uke classes) More details: I'm...
  11. rocko

    Portland, OR - Ukulele Cafe @ Artichoke Music April 11

    Artichoke Music ( hosts "Ukulele Cafe" on Thursday April 11th as part of the Acoustic Village series. Look forward to seeing you there! Acoustic Village A Theme Based Open Mic Join us every other Thursday night for an open mic like no other. Each evening follows a...
  12. rocko

    Portland Oregon - morning uke jam

    I'm hosting a weekly uke jam at my home in inner SE Portland. Bring a song, learn a song or share your latest triumph or tip. Wednesdays 9:30am-11:30am Message me if you are interested in attending.
  13. rocko

    uh oh... I accidentally ordered an Epiphone LP Ukulele

    Quick, what do I tell the wife?
  14. rocko

    Panjolele: an upcoming project in Make magazine

    I think I will have to try this!
  15. rocko

    New Mya-Moe pickup day!

    Pictures of the Mya-Moe workshop in July 2012.
  16. rocko

    New Mya-Moe pickup day!

    Mya-Moe workshop July 2012
  17. rocko

    New Mya-Moe pickup day!

    Mya-Moe in White Salmon, WA July 2012
  18. rocko

    New Mya-Moe pickup day!

  19. rocko

    New Mya-Moe pickup day!

    It's finally here! I'm heading to White Salmon, WA this afternoon to pick up the all Myrtle concert ukulele. I am beyond words excited. I'll post photos once I've strummed myself silly.
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