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  1. Gmoney

    John Prine songs

    THANK YOU! John Prine was a national treasure & will be sorely missed. Mahalo & RIP, John
  2. Gmoney

    KoAloha Sceptre Concert - $1200

    SOLD - KoAloha Sceptre Concert - $1000 SOLD: $1000 KoAloha Sceptre - Concert scale Obligatory UU "Proof of Life" Update - uke is sold. Thanks to the buyer & HaoleJohn who originally gave me the KoAloha bug by letting me play his Sceptre many years ago! Mahalo!
  3. Gmoney

    KoAloha Crown Bridge Super Concert - $1500

    KoAloha Crown Bridge Super Concert - $1000 SOLD PRICE DROPPED to $1000 shipped in CONUS For sale, this Beautiful KoAloha Crown Bridge Super Concert - 2008 w/Oahu hard-shell case, D'Addario mini tuner, Oasis case humidifier Obligatory UU/Proof-of-life image: More current photos here...
  4. Gmoney

    Mya-Moe Pineapple - $1800

    Mya-Moe Pineapple - $1200 PRICE REDUCED - $1200 - includes shipping. Selling my custom Mya-Moe Mango Pineapple - #648 Obligatory UU "proof of life" Mya-Moe Tracker W/Original Mya-Moe hardshell case & D'Addario mini-tuner...
  5. Gmoney

    Watch this space!

    I am in dire need to sale several of my ukuleles due to the side effect of our current pandemic. Simply put, I lost my job 3/13 & will be seriously placing many of my ukuleles up for grab soon. Some or most of the ukes in my signature will be available for sale. Since I purchased many of them...
  6. Gmoney

    Sold FS: Moore Bettah ukulele with Calton case

    WOW! Chuck's ukuleles are indeed the pinnacle of the craft. I would likely sell all of my ukes for one of his beauties. I know the buyer will cherish as you have. Mahalo!
  7. Gmoney

    Any info on this G-Strings soprano?

    i own a G-String long neck uke as well, similar to the one in your photo. From Rich's post, mine must be older since it has the wood headstock inlay instead of abalone. Mine has a specially interesting "back story" - the person ion UU that I bought it from thought that the "marking" on the...
  8. Gmoney

    Shipping in the heat?!

    I'm contemplating selling a few of my somewhat unused "stable" (I know, the HORROR!) and... though I'd like to make some of them available "anywhere" I'm really afraid to ship anything w/the current heat across the US. with just about any random shipment I get these days the items are physically...
  9. Gmoney

    WTB Long Neck Concert, possibly tenor

    Where are you located? And... thinking of selling my KoAloha Super Concert (Crown Bridge/tenor scale length) - a true classic. We can negotiate a reasonable price, but the reason that I ask about location is due to extreme heat during shipping.
  10. Gmoney

    NUD: Martin 2k!

    I bought Ernie's Msrtin 2K off the marketplace & it arrived yesterday afternoon & was waiting for me when I got home. What a SWEET uke! I played my 20's 0 model all week while traveling for preparation. Been playing the 2K almost nonstop since. Great uke & very good price. Watch the marketplace...
  11. Gmoney

    Vintage Martin "butcherblock"??

    I searched & couldn't find any mention, so gonna post this here. On Facebook some other members of the Southeast Ukers have been discussing the following video from a gentleman called "PeteyMack64" on YouTube here: The gentleman has decided that...
  12. Gmoney

    NUD: Mainland Red Cedar Pineapple - redo

    Just got my newly repaired Mainland Red Cedar Pineapple back from Mainland. I bought this little beauty at the Mainland shop in Nashville, IN a couple of years ago. Mike picked it out for me & Tookta strung it & adjusted the action while I wandered around looking at the rest of the ukes in the...
  13. Gmoney

    Song Help Request Pretty Amazing Grace

    I'm a fan of Diamond's but never heard the song before. Tabs may be harder to come by simply because so many of the sites that purport to be tabs are really chords. But... I would be another UU member will come along & assist when you need it. Chordie has been a godsend. So many times, just...
  14. Gmoney

    Song Help Request Pretty Amazing Grace

    Here it is on If you haven't used Chordie yet, you can change the tuning (from guitar to uke, GCEA) and/or transpose. Looks like a pretty straightforward...
  15. Gmoney

    FS: KoAloha Pineapple Sunday - $1000

    SOLD: KoAloha Pineapple Sunday - $1000 NOW SOLD!!! OldePhart finally came off the fence! Breaking up the family! Selling my beautiful KoAloha Pineapple Sunday! This one was built new in April, 2013 as a full warranty replacement for my original PS that suffered from a lifted bridge & sunken...
  16. Gmoney

    FS: Captain Backpacker - rare "travel" ukulele $400.00

    FS: $300 - Captain Backpacker - rare "travel" ukulele PRICE REDUCED TO $300!!! Shipping included in the USA. I'm selling this rare Captain Backpacker concert scale ukulele from Bevan Galbraith crafted with local woods from beautiful New Zealand. Bevan relates the history of this little model...
  17. Gmoney

    Another Old-NUD!

    Jake Wildwood has completed the second of the ukes I sent for repair & it will soon be on its way HOME! Here's Jake's writeup of my little Kumalae: And a couple of photos of the state it was in when...
  18. Gmoney

    New OLD Uke Day!

    Here's the main damage that I sent it to Jake to repair. As his blog post states, it was pretty much in playable shape otherwise w/the noted repaired & tight back cracks. The wallowed out bridge slots made it all but impossible to keep it strung.
  19. Gmoney

    New OLD Uke Day!

    I will soon have my little c1925 Martin 0 soprano back in my hands after some tender loving care by Jake Wildwood. I got this little uke in a trade on UU about a year ago. I traded a Mainland Tenor-length Pineapple for it. The only real problem w/this little uke was that the bridge slots were...
  20. Gmoney

    New Uke Day!

    Almost... On the truck, but I'm out of town! :( It will probably beat me there, but "...tonight... you belong... to me..." :music:
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