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    For Sale Vintage Martin Baritone

    Great uke in superb shape and all original with what appears could be an original case. A bit of sheen to areas of the finish from being played and some very minor finish crazing bc it’s a vintage uke but no significant dings or scratches. $old Pics here (proof of possession pic in link)...
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    Banjolele Comparisons.. Magik Fluke vs Waiz

    These are so cool
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    Help! Name that wood.

    i vote koa
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    Review- Pono Baritone Ukulele (MB)

    nice review
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    New project

    btw, i would guess that is bc there is very little string tension that would result in some relief in the neck like steel strings would cause.
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    New project

    thanks! i have considered building a uke and am about to build a classical. i am in the midst of building two steel strings. it appears the set up for a uke is similar to that of a classical in which the neck is set in a manner that it is offset up to 3-4mm at the bridge.
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    New project

    do you have a photo of the end of your jig near the nut?
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    Baritone builds resembling classic designs

    seems like a mini J-45 would be cool. the slope shoulder design would look better at size of a uke.
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    Baritone builds resembling classic designs

    has anyone ever attempted to "downsize" a classic guitar design (i.e. D-18 or D-28) and build a baritone uke version?
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    1930s Harmony Johnny Marvin Professional "Tenor" Ukulele (concert)

    1930's Johnny Marvin "Tenor" Ukulele pics here: rare concert size. Harmony made uke. one superficial back crack - can't see it on the inside. looks all original with untouched finish and case. plays nice...
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