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  1. Yukio

    Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

    I have been trying to relearn songs that I knew at one time, but that are now long forgotten. I want to get many of them back into my regular repertoire. I stumbled upon this one this morning. I didn't realise, until starting to play it, that it is in 3/4 time. Thanks for hosting, Ylle...
  2. Yukio

    Season 626 - Body language

    Spring has not yet crept over my windowsill, so warm face, hands, and feet are still a sought-after luxury around here.
  3. Yukio

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    Thanks for the big announcement, Del, but I am lucky to get just this one song out this week. I have a lot of catching up to do to hear many of my musical heroes celebrated by the Seasonistas. This is kind of a funny choice for me, because I did not really get into solo Steve Winwood until...
  4. Yukio

    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    Great theme, Del! I have so many to choose from....
  5. Yukio

    Season 622: See You In The Funny Papers

    Hey Rick! Thanks for hosting! My dad used to say, "See you in the funny papers" to me a lot when I was a kid, so thanks for keeping that vibe alive. This was the featured song in the Iron Man II movie, which featured all AC/DC songs.
  6. Yukio

    Solo singer-songwriter looking for genuine help choosing a final artist name!!!

    Have you been following Medium Build? He (Nick Carpenter) is often a solo act, but can scale up to fronting a band or make collaborations with other bands. Whatever the situation, he bills himself as Medium Build. I think it is a good concept. I became aware of him through a collaboration he...
  7. Yukio

    paxukulele review 2022-2023

    Thanks for the Greatest Hits 2022-2023, John. I especially liked My Girl by The Temptations and I'll Be Around by The Spinners. Also the way you did Baby's In Black by The Beatles. Nice work! Get well soon and enjoy a prosperous and productive 2024!
  8. Yukio

    Solo singer-songwriter looking for genuine help choosing a final artist name!!!

    In Europe, they would likely spell your name Janick Michaud and it would be easily understood and remembered. Less so the hyphenated version.
  9. Yukio

    Solo singer-songwriter looking for genuine help choosing a final artist name!!!

    I kind of agree with these people, Yan-Nick. I just listened to Far & Few Between and it seems like your natural name (or with a slightly shortened first name) is what you should go with. Michaud is a fine name. You should use it. It is probably better than something like Guitambo.
  10. Yukio

    Happy Old New Year!

    Awesome! I get to celebrate my 60th birthday one more time. 🎂
  11. Yukio

    Tabs/Chords Early Music for low G Ukulele

    Excellent post, @engravertom !!! Now everyone is going to catch "Lute Fever" :D
  12. Yukio

    620! I Don't Know

    I hope everything pans out in the end between you and work. Congrats to all the winners on your new little ponies. Thanks, Joko!
  13. Yukio

    Season 621 - A Grand Tour of the Cosmos

    Chris already brought this chestnut, but I found myself starting to play it last night while trying to recall old songs. I thought I might as well throw it on the pile...
  14. Yukio

    620! I Don't Know

    Following up TCK, another punk rock classic. "I don't know what I want, but I know how to get it." Now there's a classic line!
  15. Yukio

    Season 619: MCMLXXIII

    Getting out of Nutbush, Tennessee with Ike and Tina Turner...
  16. Yukio

    Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

    For all the Grinches out there...
  17. Yukio

    How do you organize your loose sheet music?

    I use almost all the methods outlined above. I have sheet music in binders as well as in loose piles hanging around. I use an iPad to store and organise charts for swing music. (I use the iReal Pro software to manage the charts on my [1st generation] iPad and it is rock solid.) Before the...
  18. Yukio

    Today's Chuckle

    Hey! Congratulations on reaching 100 pages of chuckles on this thread!
  19. Yukio

    "You Make My Dreams" Uke cover by Mark Suszko

    Thanks so much for letting us know how you filmed this, Mark. It was fun to watch it again with this information; to appreciate more of the video artistry involved. I don't quite understand why the "plate" shot is done or how it is used to fix problems. Is this in case of accidental overlaps...
  20. Yukio

    "You Make My Dreams" Uke cover by Mark Suszko

    My favorite song for haulin' oats.
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