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    Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

    My 8-string was begging for attention so here's some jingly jangly Bob Dylan / Byrds
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    Season 627 - It's 3/4 Time!

    When I think too hard, I stop being able to discern 123123 from 123456. I think this song is 3/4 but I could be wrong. From the soundtrack of the movie City of Angels, this is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
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    What is an unpopular/controversial opinion you have regarding the ukulele?

    For anything more complex than strumming first position chords I use a strap or sit down - even on a soprano. And if I have to play standing without a strap, my thumb definitely does not sit behind the neck
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    8-string Common Issues With 8 String Ukuleles

    Combined tension can be a challenge. Sometimes I'll de-tune a half step to manage.
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    COOL MUSIC LEKATO 10W "Unique Mini" mini Amp review

    The Spark is all about the software - which is really quite good. Hardware is meh
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    Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

    Like the singing bird and the croaking toad - I got a name
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    Strings Low GCEA string sets for baritone-- advice and suggestions please!

    The Cordoba Mini (not Mini 2) is a baritone uke sized 6 string guitar strung in requinto tuning a to A. You can use the four treble strings from the set.
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    Season 625 - This Season is for the Birds

    Err... is it stretching it to play songs by the Byrds? My underused new 8 string is whispering to me.
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    Season 624 - My Hero/es

    Lots of Beatles songs this week for good reason. The beautiful and melancholy Long and Winding Road was their very last #1 hit.
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    Martin s1 question

    Some people prefer higher, but if you like your guitar at 2.25mm and think your S1 feels high then that is totally understandable. I don't like the feel of a uke when strings are higher than 2.5mm. If you rest a straightedge on fretboard down towards bridge, where does it point? It should hit...
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    This wonderful yet simple song found me and lifted me out of a pretty dark place a while back. It helped me pick up an instrument instead of engaging in destructive habits. It's called SHINE by singer/songwriter Damien Horne Shine, so everybody can shine too. Open your heart and lead the way...
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    Just about one year since joining here. What I've gained from this place

    It's been just about one year since i started playing uke and joining up here. I've learned too many useful factoids here to even start listing, but what I've gained the most is from the sense of community this board has, which provides lots of motivation to continue practising - a huge...
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    Holding the darn thing...

    The pressure from your right forearm should cause the headstock to move forward and this is balanced with the fretting hand pulling back to create a perfectly balanced equilibrium. I however need to concentrate my limited mental resources on fretting, strumming, and picking instead. So I use a...
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    Tuner question, (overkill?)

    Actually I was thinking of their previous clip on strobe tuner which was near over $200 canadian. This new one is very reasonable
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    What's the best tuner,?

    Anything but a Snark. You are paying for marketing mostly. They break easily at the ball joint, the plastic melts and goes gooey and sticky. They are not at all more accurate than generic ones a third the price. Always check and play in tune. It makes the world a better place
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    Long Neck Soprano question

    Tapestry music in BC imports flight ukes. Give them a try. If you are okay with wood instead of polycarbonate, the Ohana SK30M punches MILES above its price class.
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    Strings What are your current favourite low G strings for sopranos?

    The Romero US2 strings are probably relabelled Labellas. They sound and feel great but that could be the uke they're on (Romero XS soprano was designed for low g)
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    Season 622: See You In The Funny Papers

    When DC Comics killed Superman it was well before reboots and resurrections were super-common and there was actually some weight to the event. It inspired the Crash Test Dummies to write this ode to the Man Of Steel. The song however does Tarzan dirty, drawing contrast to his dimwitted...
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    $300 or $1200

    Yamaha vs a Rhodes?
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