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  1. knadles

    Song Help Request Four new downloadable vintage song sheets Four graphics at the bottom of the page. :) Pete
  2. knadles

    Straight tuner lubrication?

    Any tips for lubricating or adjusting straight (non-machine) tuners? They're modern metal tuners, but they feel a "crunchy" a good word? Thanks! Pete
  3. knadles

    Song Help Request Smile- Uncle Kracker

    "Some girl???" Are you sure she's just "some girl?" If you're gonna learn a song for her, she better be *some girl*!!! :) Pete
  4. knadles

    Can "feel" the edge of the to cure?

    Intonation is fine, but I can feel the frets. They're just a hair too long and it's bugging me. Any thoughts on the best way to address this? What tool(s) would I need? Thanks! -Pete
  5. knadles

    Southern Illinois Ukin' in the Woods 2011! THE SEQUAL!

    Arrgh. I have a sound gig I have to work on 10/16! Bah. Ah well. Next year. :( -Pete
  6. knadles

    I'm going to be in Chicagoland this week...

    I often go to the Oak Park group, but I have a dinner to go to that night. Bah. -Pete
  7. knadles

    I'm going to be in Chicagoland this week...

    Off the top of my head...there's the Harrison Street meetup at Eastgate Cafe on Thursday night. 7-9pm in Oak Park. Also, since you're in St. Charles anyway, you may want to check this out: It's a guitar show, but I expect there will be ukes on...
  8. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    For anyone who's interested, the Harrison Street Ukulele group is meeting tonight, 7-9pm at the Eastgate Cafe, 102 Harrison Street, Oak Park. This is known to some as "that Beatles group," but they usually cover lots of stuff besides the Beatles. The organizer, Gigi, usually brings the music and...
  9. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Any thoughts on this month's meetup? I have the jones. -Pete
  10. knadles

    Normal, IL Uke meeting

    Ignore me. I'm just posting here so I can see when the thread updates. I just might drive down from the Chi one of these times. -Pete
  11. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Not this week. I have tickets to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. :D
  12. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Too late in the day for me. Bah. In any event, it turns out that both the 10th and the 17th would have been bad for me. I have a part-time job running sound at a church, and for some reason the next few weeks are packed with events. Double bah. Have fun everyone! -Pete
  13. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    I could do early afternoon on either of those days. I live in Oak Lawn, so Mt. greenwood is very convenient for me.
  14. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam Try that one ^^^ :) -Pete
  15. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    I'm good for any Saturday in March except the 19th (unless it's in the evening). Just putting my $0.02 in. I'm not one of the "main" people, so take that for what it's worth. :-) -Pete
  16. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    WHAT??? That does it. I'm outta here! :D
  17. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Any thoughts yet on this month's jam? -Pete
  18. knadles

    Song Help Request Bruce Springsteen - Backstreets

    Bump. I don't have a tab for this, but I agree with's a GREAT song. -Pete
  19. knadles

    Chicago Monthly Uke Jam

    Many, many thanks to Dave for hosting, and for the cool ukulele door prize! Much to my chagrin, I discovered that a soprano can be played while driving, so next time I take it in the car it'll have to be locked up in back! :) Had a great time with y'all, and you know...happy birthday again to...
  20. knadles

    Recommended uke stores in southern Cali?

    In a few weeks, I'm heading to San Diego for work. Before that I'll be visiting my sister in Manhattan Beach for a couple of days. In between, I'll be driving down the coast, probably on the PCH. So...any stores I should hit while I'm there? :) -Pete
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