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  1. edmundwhitehead

    TV Appearances this week

    Hi people, For anyone in the USA, a live recording of me playing "I Got a Woman" at the Ashford Festival in the Park will be aired on four regional US Cable channels all week. Here are the dates, times and areas it'll be broadcast: Video Title: Ed Whitehead - I've Got a Woman (Ashford...
  2. edmundwhitehead

    Ed Whitehead - Live @ The Foundry in Canterbury

    Hi people, For anyone based in Kent, UK, I'm doing a show opening for acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Pete Briley in Canterbury, on the 29th July at 8:30. The show will be in the The Foundry Bar & Grill, White Horse Lane, Canterbury, CT1 2RU. Tickets - £3
  3. edmundwhitehead

    Ashford Festival in the Park set

    Some songs from a 40min set I played at Ashford Festival in the Park on Saturday: One of a Kind: Take It and Go: Unwind: I Got a Woman (improvisation)...
  4. edmundwhitehead

    My Summer of Gigs (UK)

    Here are the gigs I have this summer so far: 13th June 2009, 15:00 Gad's Hill School, Higham, ME3 7PA 28th June 2009, 19:30 Liquid and Life Club, East Hill, Ashford, TN24 8PA Tickets - £5 18th July 2009, 14:00 Ashford Festival in the Park, North Park, Tannery Lane, Ashford, TN23 1ET 29th...
  5. edmundwhitehead

    Ed Whitehead @ Secret Cellar, Canterbury, 8th Nov

    Hi guys, Doing a few gigs around Canterbury to promote my new cd, of which this is the first. I'll be doing an afternoon set this Saturday at 3:00pm, I'll be playing for about an hour or so, and there should be cd sales going on there. Come down if you want an afternoon of mellow music in a...
  6. edmundwhitehead

    Debut album, Ground Zero now on iTunes

    Hey people, just in case anyone wants to hear some of my music, my album "Ground Zero" is now for sale on iTunes. If you don't like downloading, the cd should be available in stores some time next month (have been having some issues getting the cds packaged). Just follow the link below...
  7. edmundwhitehead

    New album, new website!

    Just to let everyone know, my tab site ( has moved to . This is a new look website, designed to publicise my new album, Ground Zero, which will be coming out next month. The tabs are still there, and I will be adding some tabs to my own songs...
  8. edmundwhitehead

    Jake's arrangement of Bach's Invention in D

    Hi all, Just finished my first tab in about a year, it's a transcription of Jakes insane arrangement of Bach's Invention No.4 in D minor. It was for a documentary about bach in which Jake appeared. As usual, the tab is available at my website, I'm trying to learn it...
  9. edmundwhitehead

    Donna Lee on the uke

    You've heard it played on the Sax by the great Charlie Parker, on the Trumpet by Winton Marsalis, on the Bass by Jaco Pastorius, and on the guitar by Joe Pass. Now it's the uke's turn. This is a cracking tune, one that has gone down as one of the most famous jazz tunes in history, it's my...
  10. edmundwhitehead

    New song, Serve Chilled.

    Hey people, first of a few new songs I'll be uploading in the next few weeks, this one is called "Serve Chilled":
  11. edmundwhitehead

    Caught Red-Handed

    My latest song, called "Caught Red-Handed". It begins quite chilled, representing a wrong-doer calmly wrong-doing... and then towards the end gets into the style of 80s cop and robber theme music - wrong-doer gets caught. Here's the link: Enjoy!
  12. edmundwhitehead

    Live @ the Orange Street Music Club

    Me and my brother played a short set at a club last night. I think the reception was pretty good and my dad filmed it, so here are the links: Ground Zero - The Wandering Lady - One of a Kind -...
  13. edmundwhitehead

    Unwind and Zero Degrees

    My two newest songs, Unwind and Zero Degrees are at the links below: - Unwind - Zero Degrees Unwind is a slow, relaxed song, and Zero Degrees has some funk and bass influence. Hope you like them...
  14. edmundwhitehead

    jake shimabukuro - hula girl

    Is the live version different from the original movie soundtrack?
  15. edmundwhitehead

    Song Help Request blue roses falling

    Cheers Dom, that filled a gap in my Jake collection!
  16. edmundwhitehead

    Song Help Request Anime song help?

    L's Theme tab Here is a pdf link to my transcription of L's Theme as Aldrine played it (I hope!):'s%20Theme.pdf If anyone wants an html, midi or powertab version just pm me.
  17. edmundwhitehead


    I just got back from seeing the international tour of 'Yamato' in my home town's theatre. They're a Taiko drum ensemble, but they're also so much more than that - they put on a very entertaining show, constrasted by serious and mesmerising pieces of music. I loved it so much that it inspired me...
  18. edmundwhitehead

    My new Ashbury Tenor!

    As I promised, I've posted up a video review of my new Tenor ukulele, which arrived a couple of days ago (next day delivery!). Here's the link:
  19. edmundwhitehead

    Inconspicuous title...

    Hope I made it in time.. great to be in a different time zone to almost everyone else!
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