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  1. raecarter

    "when you go" original song

    Hi all I wrote a song on the uke can you take a listen and let me know what you think please? Thank you
  2. raecarter

    market town original song performed at wickham festival

    This is my own song performed yesterday at Wickham festival
  3. raecarter

    I played Wickham Festival yesterday

    Heres a quick video of me doing peter andre mysterious girl there it was really good. It was the first year they'd do a second stage to give some variety and i was lucky enough to get the chance to play after the festival organizer saw me play at another gig. Hope you all like. I can always say...
  4. raecarter

    alex clare too close ukulele cover Hope you like
  5. raecarter

    kasabian goodbye kiss cover

    please check it out i hope you like
  6. raecarter

    Mysterious girl peter andre cover

    hope you like
  7. raecarter

    D-day by unknown soldiers ukulele cover

    Hi all this is a cover of a local band who i love hope you like
  8. raecarter

    "this" by Ed Sheeran ukulele cover

    Hi everyone i worked this out and wanted to share this beautiful song
  9. raecarter

    Somebody that i used to know by gotye ukulele cover

    Hi everyone here is a cover of a really catchy song out in the uk at the moment. Hope you like :-)
  10. raecarter

    IM yours to keep new song using my harmony pedal

    I've never written a love song before this one. I posted another version a couple of days ago i've changed the key and some lyrics since. I hope you all like my softer side
  11. raecarter

    im yours to keep ukulele original

    Hi I have written this over the last day or so. Its a love song which is unusual for me. Hope you like
  12. raecarter

    new ukulele cover using my new harmony gxt vocal pedal

    Its very clever and still early days but its a fantadtic piece of machinery!
  13. raecarter

    was it worth it ukulele original

    Hope you like. This is a nearly finished work if you have any comments or advice for it please let me know thanks rae
  14. raecarter

    I have been chosen a single of the day

    Hi all i came home from work to discover a music site which shares songs with people to recommend and show something different have chosen one of my original songs Pathetic (but he's fun) to be there song of the day or "tunAtheday" on there website! If anyone wants to check it out on there and...
  15. raecarter

    how important are good quality leads when performing live?

    Hello everyone I've always wondered this. Do more expensive cables for your ukulele plugged in or your mic plugged in work better then cheaper ones? I want to spend some money on improving my set up as my new year resolution is to fo more gigs and wonder how much I should spend or what type of...
  16. raecarter

    The man who would be king cover

    Hi everyone im not sure if the libertines are well known your side of the water? If theyre not their second album is an album of there break up lyrically its very good and honest. I hope you like this attempt at one of their songs Rae
  17. raecarter

    pedal advice please?

    Evening all I was reading about a vocal harmony effect pedal and it says you can use the guitar as it has an in and an out that detects what key you're in? This has confused me greatly can anyone advise how that works please and also if a ukulele...
  18. raecarter

    There is a light that never goes out cover on the mainland

    Hi everyone merry christmas. I cant believe i havent done this one before.Amazing song hopefully i have done it some sort of justice
  19. raecarter

    Was it worth it? ukulele original

    HI i wrote this song yesterday about the london riots. I appreciate the majority on uuers are from other parts of the world so i put the lyrics into the desription on youtube for you to read if you want to. I hope you like it none the less. Hope everyones having a nice holidays so far. Take care...
  20. raecarter

    My first EP is online!

    I'm so excited! its very surreal seeing something you have done on itunes i can tell you that for nothing!:)
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