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  1. Rubbertoe

    Ukey article in Hamilton paper

    Found another article about the ever increasing popularity of our favourite lil' instrument in the Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, Can.) and they have a little vid to go with it on their website. It's great that more and more people are enjoying a litlle piece of aloha but in all...
  2. Rubbertoe

    radiusing a soundboard?

    I've been doing some reading here in the Luthier's Lounge and have come across a few mentions of creating various radiuses of soundboard (25', 18', etc). I've tried to do some googling on this subject but have only found fuzzy answers. How does one radius a soundboard? Is this done in the...
  3. Rubbertoe

    toronto - weekly uke jam

    i wish i could go. i work nights... maybe it's time to develop a re-occurring, weekly bout of H1N1 that happens to flare-up every wednesday.
  4. Rubbertoe

    UU Tour October 2009!

    If you find yourself a little north of the border, feel free to come down to the weekly Corktown Uke Jam
  5. Rubbertoe

    Banana Pancakes on a Tenor Sceptre.

    Had a little time before check-out to record a couple songs. Here's the first. Enjoy! Banana Pancakes on a Tenor Sceptre
  6. Rubbertoe

    My Ko'Aloha Story

    I don’t even know where to begin. Last Friday morning, I found myself following the confused directions of my rental GPS, driving in Honolulu to visit an unknown ukulele factory (unknown because my then girlfriend wanted to surprise me) to take a tour and pick up my birthday gift, a new uke (I...
  7. Rubbertoe

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    WOW! This is amazing! Aldrine's going to Cali just as I am... going to Kaua'i :( Ah well, maybe I'll bump into him as he gets back....
  8. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request Need Help!! Family thing!

    How about Gently Weeps? That's become a classic(al) piece in the world of ukulele and probably the first vid that inspired most uke players as well as people who have never heard of a uke. Ok, granted, it's not exactly "classical" music but it's more than impressive.
  9. Rubbertoe

    Play Ukulele Today! Workshop Tour (taught by James Hill!!!)

    Hi everyone! Just heard that James Hill will be teaching workshops all over Canada in April. From April 17-25, 2009 James will be giving ukulele workshops in Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver. Each two-hour workshop is geared for casual strummers and music educators alike...
  10. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request Gently weeps tutorial

    wow! perfect timing as i have just decided to tackle what seems to have become a staple of a uker's playlist. mahalo!
  11. Rubbertoe

    songs NOT to play

    Do you remember that scene in Wayne's World when Wayne starts to play Stairway to Heaven in the guitar store and the sales dude stops him and points to a sign that reads "Absolutely NO Stairway" (or something like that)? I'm planning to visit Hawaii and I was wondering what song should I NOT...
  12. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request little Help

    or "i'm yours" by jason mraz. the chords are easy (at least in the key of C they are) but it's one of those songs where he crams in a lot of words into each line. but a very fun song (popular too... there are like hundreds of covers on youtube)
  13. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request Super Mario Tabs PLEASE HELP!

    Naku! Deach, you ahr so berry punny! i lap my packing ass owp!... i mean i scared the mule that helps with my luggage.
  14. Rubbertoe

    Uke on "Bebot (Gen 2)" by The Black Eyed Peas

    Hey, I just noticed that the old dude sitting outside of Apl's house is jammin on a lil' red uke! Bebot Gen 2
  15. Rubbertoe

    MGM & John Kitakis for Presidents!... no, EMPERORS

    I hope this isn't considered spamming. After posting this on another thread, it was pointed out to me that this totally deserves it's own thread. So, where do I begin? Earlier, I had written about my Pono PKT-2 (see: My new Pono arrived! ). It had some (minor) cosmetic flaws. There were more...
  16. Rubbertoe

    How many mics does it take to record a uke?

    Just a quick question to all of you who record your work: how many mics do you use to mic your ukulele? I was talking to a guy in a music shop who told me that i should have two mics on the instrument (because without the second mic, it would be like listening with only one ear) but i'd only...
  17. Rubbertoe

    My first ukulele vid on youtube!

    After being on this site for a little while now, you all have finally helped me to overcome my camera shyness and make a vid of me & my uke, Ce'nedra. It's a cover of Yoshimi Vs. The Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips. One question: does anyone know why the audio & video are soooooo out of synch...
  18. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request Hsus7... what?

    thanks for the info (and the link). :rock:
  19. Rubbertoe

    Song Help Request Hsus7... what?

    I was on looking at the chord progression for When Your Body Gets Weak (by Babyface). It lists (w/o description) a chord called Hsus7. What's an Hsus7? Here's the link if you want to check it out:
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