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  1. tshirtandties

    Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls I Introduce To You, The...

    Ohana Organisation! Ok so many other members on UU are creating groups dedicated to makes of ukulele, i play a Ohana and felt abit left out, so here it is Ohana players welcome! Im sure this will get some support from a guy called Ken ;) Mike :shaka:
  2. tshirtandties

    UU @ School

    Heyya everyone :D Just found that i can get on the UU forums at school, without it being blocked :) So here i am in my maths class just posting this thread, so now i have more time to ask and learn stuff :D Wish i had my Ohana with me now though :/ Mike:shaka:
  3. tshirtandties

    Geek in the pink by Jason Mraz?

    Im just translating the chords to make them easier apart from Cm7 which is just a bar over all of the strings,third fret and F Bbm = B Gb = G Ebm7 = E Db = D Ab = A Its not dead on same sound ,but it'll do if you dont want to get your fingers knotted :) Mike
  4. tshirtandties

    Young UU Members

    Just wanted to see how many young members we have here on UU,people in their teens or below, me being one of them :p Maybe we might see some future Jakes and Aldrines? Who knows :cool: Mike (tshirtandties)
  5. tshirtandties

    London uke fest + world record smash

    might be able to make it :)
  6. tshirtandties

    Anyone wanna do a collab?

    Hi i was just popping in to see if anyone wanted to do a collaboration of a song, im going towards the beatles side of songs at the moment but im fine with any. First person to contact me will get it :D
  7. tshirtandties

    Bargains to be had!

    Ok so i thought i might show you these pretty good deals..with a tiny catch - some of the ukuleles have scratches and one of them has a bridge fallen off,but can be put back on,and theres a kala with just a buzzing string problem which can be fixed,BUT LOOK AT THE PRICES :O...
  8. tshirtandties

    'Keona' Photoshoot

    Ok so on my page you can see i added some new piccys of 'Keona' my Ohana SK-35G All using a average digital compact camera and picasa :] just thought i might aswell show + tell :] If you want some photoediting of your ukes then send your pics to i would love...
  9. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Beach In Hawaii Solo Tabs

    Ok so does anyone know the tabs for the solo of Beach In Hawaii by Ziggy Marley on ukulele,ive found many on guitar but as im a n00b i cant convert it over :S hope get some replies off you guys soon! :)
  10. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Island In The Sun - Weezer solo tabs

    Does anyone have the tabs for aldrines cover of the song? Would be good if you did :) tshirtandties:shaka:
  11. tshirtandties

    UkuleleUnderground Film

    Ok Hi Guyz & Gals Uhm i was just thinking about like making a film,and then i just randomly came on ukuleleunderground forums for abit, and thats when it clicked. Why isnt there a ukuleleunderground film yet? Like a sorta over the internet film where everyone whos participating sends there...
  12. tshirtandties

    n00b luthier

    ok so today i picked my GCSE optional subjects for the rest of high school (this is in the united kingdom btw) and one of the subjects i picked was woodwork ( guess what im going to be making ;) ) and i just wondered if any of you guys have any tips and suggestions - im going to make it out of...
  13. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Land Down Under - Men At Work (Cover by Aldrine Guerrero)

    lol aldrines just posted a video on the chords hereeeeeee: turns out i was right lol still good chords there though carpekd ;) tshirtandties
  14. tshirtandties

    Drop Baby Drop yeah heres me playing drop baby drop,its not that good lol ;/ tshirtandties
  15. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Land Down Under - Men At Work (Cover by Aldrine Guerrero)

    ive sorta got the strumming pattern down,down,up,chunk for the Am,G,Am then for the F,G i use down,mute,down,mute same for the choruses tshirtandties
  16. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Land Down Under - Men At Work (Cover by Aldrine Guerrero)

    aha i just use the G instead of the G7 - its alot easier lol
  17. tshirtandties

    Song Help Request Land Down Under - Men At Work (Cover by Aldrine Guerrero)

    Alohaaa:shaka: Ok so like i can easily play the chords in the verses (Am,F,Am,F,G) and choruses (C,G,Am,F,G),but its the three solos in the video - the last two i usually just bar the frets but the first one is alot harder than that lol and yeah if...
  18. tshirtandties

    Oxford ukers?

    yeah man sure - i started two years ago :) i live in tamworth as it says up in the white bar lol
  19. tshirtandties

    UK ukulele meet?

    Im in the midlands just not far from birmingham (no i dont have the infamous brummy accent ahaha) ;) Oh yeah and im 14 so i cant drive aha - i can get the train though :D
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