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  1. Stagehand

    A Signature Ukulele

    check this old thread
  2. Stagehand

    New Hawaiian ukulele find can you help identify

    I gifted this one to Jake Wildwood .
  3. Stagehand

    Hi, my name is Lulu, I am a rosy maple moth. Ask me anything.

    Hi Lulu. I hope that you can answer a question that has puzzled me for many years... I have a fish tank/aquarium. Naturally the fish are surrounded by water... Why don't they look wet??? I eagerly await your answer...Thank You
  4. Stagehand

    I'm bored. Suggest me something to write a song about.

    Dreadlocks and accordions
  5. Stagehand

    Ian Chadwick's vintage sheet music collection

    I second that thought! Several years ago I bought the collection. It is enough music for several lifetimes.
  6. Stagehand

    Moving the forum today!

    I like the new look. Thanks for all of the hard work!!
  7. Stagehand

    Forget UAS

    If you remember the 70's, were you really there?
  8. Stagehand

    orchestral banjo??

    I saw this on the Mandolin Cafe
  9. Stagehand

    Seasonal Sight Reading Challenge

    I saw this on the MandolinCafe, had to share.
  10. Stagehand

    Electric uke burn out?

    Not necessarily. I ran into one of these a few years ago.
  11. Stagehand

    Hot hide glue -a significant investment of money

    Hi Pukulele Pete... It is called a stage peg or screw. It was used to fasten a brace to the deck.
  12. Stagehand

    WTB...Blues for Tenor Guitar

    I'm looking for a copy of Blues for Tenor Guitar by Chip Jones. Thanks...Sean
  13. Stagehand

    Vintage Musical Instrument Cases

    Here is a link that was posted on the Mandolin Cafe Forum. It is a history of vintage case manufacturers and a brief repair tutorial. Not a lot of uke content but interesting.
  14. Stagehand

    unwound fifths for an Outdoor tenor ukulele?

    I am looking for an unwound fifths string recipe for an Outdoor tenor ukulele. CGDA would be a bonus. or If someone could walk me thru one of the string tension calculators and I can figure it out for myself. Thanks...Sean
  15. Stagehand

    John Prine songs

    Fixed the hot Link
  16. Stagehand


    Niel Diamond, Sweet Caroline.
  17. Stagehand

    another from Feng

    'Not sure if this has been posted before.
  18. Stagehand

    Willie K The Star-Spangled Banner

    I am a purest when it comes to singing the National Anthem. It irks me when singers feel the need to jazz or soul it up. This is a little different... (not my twitter account) sorry for the link, cant find this copy on YouTube. Here is a different copy.
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