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    New Willie Wixom concert pineapples!

    Ooo, la la!~ Willie has created a few new ukes that aren't yet claimed. Take a look at the pix HERE I've not heard these yet, but I know I still enjoy #105 -- my WAW koa tenor! Best wishes, Bob
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    All-in-one effects pedals?

    Hi, all. I bought a Digitech RP250 a few years back and I wondered if newer all-in-one effects pedals are better? Specifically, I find the Digitech noisy in most applications and rather thin in tone. Having said that, I'm not a heavy metal player. I am looking for high-quality basic effects like...
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    Silver Creek Vintage Tenor Ukulele Case -- Poor Quality

    :( Ungood. This item just arrived from Musicians Friend and I'm returning it. For $70 it just isn't worth it. The lining isn't properly glued to the interior, the neck support is much too tall, and the body well is much too deep. I know there are some postings detailing how to fix the neck...
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    Myrtle/Redwood tenor -- good cooking up Oregon way

    Perry and Terry of Covered Bridge Ukuleles are in the kitchen mixing up something special for me! They're slicing up some yummy myrtle and redwood for a delicious GoKidd Special tenor. Thass a link that'll take you straight in the kitchen. Terry -- does one of those tattoos read "Uke Chef"?
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    Guitar Masters Tour -- Andy McKee, Stephen Bennett, Antoine Dufour! Great show!!

    If you get a chance to catch this tour -- do it! Just amazing. Beautiful compositions, masterful playing and three terrific artists posing as approachable, witty, friends-from-next-door who just happen to have supernatural guitar skills. We heard them in West Sacramento last night and they were...
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    Reno Ukulele Fest IV - March 30 - April 1, 2012

    Are Californians allowed across the border?
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    Willie Wixom custom ukes from Northern California

    Oh, man. Just got clued-in on a new web site premiere!! Take a look at the instruments being created by Willie Wixom -- some really gorgeous craftsmanship. I've seen some of his work in person and it is fantastic in sight and sound! And he offers custom work ...
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    Taller frets -- is there a downside?

    Learned gentlefolk: I'm contemplating a custom tenor and wondering if I might benefit from taller frets than I've experienced on my Kala and Islander instruments. Is there any negative to using a slightly larger fretwire? Secondarily, I'm also wondering if a narrower neck is my preference. I'm...
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    Take the "A" Train

    Wow!! Nice playing, Doug. And that Doug-Uke is lovely!! Beautiful colors in that Manzanita. Well done!
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    Unbelievable! Ancient uke-like Alaskan instrument revealed

    From some of the evidence, it looks like the instrument was designed to be used in joyful ceremonies. LINK HERE
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    Christmas Music for Solo Ukulele (or singing if you must)

    Many thanks for your work, Gary! Tabs AND chords ... nice!!! Merry Christmas!
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    Hello from Northern California!

    I'm Bob and I'm a string-a-holic. (Hello, Bob.) Even though I've played at guitar for awhile, I find that it's easier for me to sing along when playing the ukulele. It just works. And it seems to be less intimidating when you show up at a picnic with a uke and suggest a sing-along than if you...
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