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  1. NukeDOC

    once again...

    happy birthday to the Hospital Corps. ooooooo yah!!! I am a navy corpsman. I possess the stamina and enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom and experience of an old man. I am 3 parts doctor, 1 part nurse, 2 parts marine, 1 part yeoman and 3 parts mom, yet I am 100% sailor. I am unemployable to...
  2. NukeDOC

    funniest craigslist posting

    "2 wireless mics with cables" :nana:
  3. NukeDOC

    need help with my wiring

    ok so i just recently put together my own electric guitar. made from spare parts and new electronics. here is a pic of my wiring diagram. its a les paul style guitar. here's a pic of her in her current state. still have some more things to do to her. work in progress. ill post a pic when im...
  4. NukeDOC

    is this for real???

    so i do a search for les paul maple fretboard... and i came up on this site. you have got to be kidding me. ok i know its in china. hell, when i was in hong kong i bought some nike tuned air running shoes (back in...
  5. NukeDOC

    so get this...

    there's a guy on my local craigslist. offering to tune your guitar for $15. i know. you just thought to yourself, "are you serious?" or "is he serious?" its true guys! isnt it awesome? i wonder if he does ukulele also. i mean, when i put new strings on my $160 lanikai, can you imagine what a...
  6. NukeDOC

    Almost Islanders has a new YouTube page!

    ok so we finally got the youtube page going. we would appreciate any patronage you can bestow upon us! please check us out and subscribe! thanks!
  7. NukeDOC

    I need a web designer!

    some one who can take the reigns from start to awesome and be able to hand the reigns over to me in the end. get in contact with me through PM so i can go over whats needed on the site and discuss your price and payment options. thanks.
  8. NukeDOC

    Effects Pedal p***!!!

    ok so i finally took a pick of my board. my actual board is basically a wood grating that i found around the house. spray painted it black and added some velcro to it. the front feet are a high bounce ball that i cut in half to provide traction on the floor and the raise the front up to give a...
  9. NukeDOC

    Effects Pedal p***!!!

    i wanna see pics of your pedals! if you have some rare boutique pedals, post them up and tell us about them. what you like about them. or if you have a whole pedal board show it off and tell us about it! especially if you made the board yourself. i guess ill have to go first. this is not the...
  10. NukeDOC

    Effects Question

    this one is a little high tech. i acquired a boss FS-5U footswitch in the hopes of using it as a spot delay for my delta labs digi delay pedal (the delta lab is built similar to the MXR). well i found out the hard way that this is not possible as their is no external control port on my delay...
  11. NukeDOC

    tenor cigar box ukulele?

    so i bought a skateboard the other night from someone on craigslist. well, i got two decks. one was the one on the picture on the ad. the other deck was a home made longboard made out of a 3/4 inch thick slab of flat solid maple. in my closet, i also have a cigarbox that housed the cuban...
  12. NukeDOC

    Almost Islanders! DaMAC! and Aldrine Guerrero!!!

    there's one vid taken by someone on youtube. search for almost islanders and the poster is something like laydjay and some numbers.
  13. NukeDOC

    a joke for those in the medical field

    a doctor dies and goes to heaven. he meets gabriel at the gates. gabriel says to him "now, doctor, i want you to understand that everyone in heaven is EQUAL. but if you have a problem with anything, just let me know." so the doctor goes into heaven and is having a great time... until one day...
  14. NukeDOC

    Bruddah Mark and Stateside Islander Crew tonight at Seau's

    tonight at Seau's Raw Mana Sushi Lounge. im gonna be there. are you? oh yeah its bugoy's birthday today too.
  15. NukeDOC

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    its working for me now.
  16. NukeDOC

    Almost Islanders! DaMAC! and Aldrine Guerrero!!!

    watch this!
  17. NukeDOC

    Almost Islanders! DaMAC! and Aldrine Guerrero!!!

    oh man its getting close and i am so excited! finally i get THE aldrine to stay in my bed... i mean... at my house! and we've got such a show to put on for you guys in san diego! HEY! get your head outa the gutter! im talking about almost islanders, da mac, and aldrine guerrero. any bromance...
  18. NukeDOC

    would this be considered sacrilegous? its a strat style electric guitar signed by Les Paul. well, i guess Les is a good sport hahaha.
  19. NukeDOC

    Aldrine Guerrero in San Diego!...

    i can neither confirm nor deny that. but i definitely saw minors there before with their "guardians" while we performed. dude. thats the plan! i just hope things work out to where we can make it all happen! tribal theory, natty vibes, and katchafire in one night on one stage. thats killah.
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