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  1. poptart

    While my guitar gently weeps cover

    I am on summer break and I got bored so I decided to do this. You guys have probably seen many covers of this
  2. poptart

    We are young

    Well I have been probably lurking around these forums for about two years now. I think that it is time that I come out of my little shell and start posting again. This is a video that my friend and I made. The thing is that we weren't planning on doing this song but we learned it while we were...
  3. poptart

    What happened to Tropical Storm Hawaii?...

    I am not sure if this is true but I asked Aldrine on the live lesson and he said that he thinks try ran into legal issues. This is just a guess but I noticed that other similar site are missing also.
  4. poptart

    Song Help Request here comes the sun intro

    Go to this link then look for here comes the sun and Adlrine has a lesson on Here Comes The Sun. There are many other lessons there that I like.
  5. poptart

    Song Help Request Drop baby drop instrumental picking

    Thank you very much. I was so stupid and I only looked on the first page. I am new to this so sorry.
  6. poptart

    Song Help Request Drop baby drop instrumental picking

    Thanks so much! I already checked out the lesson and the forum post for it. I got the intro picking but I am looking for the Instrumental picking in the middle of the song.
  7. poptart

    Song Help Request Drop baby drop instrumental picking

    I have been searching everywhere and I can't find the picking for the instrumental. I tried listening to the song and figuring it out but I had no luck. Does anyone have tabs?
  8. poptart

    Song Help Request does anyone know the tabs to the song distance by long shot party?

    I just heard a song on youtube on the ukulele that was from naruto. its called distance. i was just wondering if anyone knew the ukulele tabs
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