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  1. 1931jim

    Show us your ukes!

    Hello all you's'n's. Here is a limited edition harp ukulele creation with all the nuances and timbre and and and don't block the cash register please. giggle. Regards.
  2. 1931jim

    Show us your ukes!

    Here is my harp ukulele wannabe. Dulset tones, shimmering harmonics, sound nuances and timbre and romantic rhythms and and and all that "don't block the cash register stuff". giggle.
  3. 1931jim

    Song Help Request songs for retirement villages

    A retirement home and an old folks home are two different experiences. I always remember this advice from an old professional musician......."You are there to entertain, not to show off your skills on an instrument."
  4. 1931jim

    Song Help Request songs for retirement villages

    I have found retirement homes (70 to 85, year olds) are a fun place but old folks homes are not as much fun. Although sometimes they even wake up if the melody is familiar to them. "Side by Side" is probably the most popular with the older brigade. Just keep playing and laughing with the ebb and...
  5. 1931jim

    Tenor Ukulele recs?

    Hello exfairy, I have the Caramel tenor model CT-102A. It is Zebra wood laminate top, back and sides. I love the new bridge with the pins, the moustache shape is from another era. Good luck in your quest.
  6. 1931jim

    Some guitar p***

    Hello Nickie, Here are a couple of shots of my 620 mm scale classical. Solid cedar top with laminate back and sides mahogany. Jim.
  7. 1931jim

    Song Help Request Perhaps Love by John Denver

    Thank you built for this thread and also a thank you to uke1950 for the link.
  8. 1931jim

    Worn out bridge/saddle slot

    'Tis Jim again Todd, I had to go look after my 88 year old sweetheart for a wee while. I took a couple of shots for Nickie on another thread and here they are again for you. If you look closely you will see in the first shot shows the original holes in the bridge where the tie bridge method was...
  9. 1931jim

    Worn out bridge/saddle slot

    Trader Todd, a picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes. The string through was the only method in the days of harp building. The improvement in the timbre and the nuances will amaze your ears as the salesman would say. PS: Also see post #6 from WhenDogsSing.
  10. 1931jim

    Rubin Ukes -> Caramel Ukes

    Thank you for playing your Caramel Baritone for us. I really enjoyed your comparison, playing with and without the pickup. As you say Dooke, the workmanship and attention to detail both inside and outside is very well done. The book matching of the Zebra wood is nice. I like the new bridge and...
  11. 1931jim

    NUD - Cordoba 15CM

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, the attention to detail is as nice inside as the outside. I really like the fan struts on the soundboard. I guess their Cordoba classical guitars were in some way responsible for that. This shot is from May 2016.
  12. 1931jim

    WTB in Canada. Ukulele Tenor Kala KA-SMHT Satin/All Solid Mahogany

    If you have a Kala solid mahogany tenor for sale and are located in Canada please reply.
  13. 1931jim

    Kremona Tenor ukuleles.

    Elderly Instruments in Michigan have these instruments according to the latest notification. I would be interested in the opinions, if any, from other family members here on the forum. They are crafted in Bulgaria and there are two models available. A coco and a mahagony, both solid woods. Jim...
  14. 1931jim

    Top 9 tenor ukes under $200.00

    I will second the recommendation for Cordoba. It is as nice inside as it is the outside. Beautiful tone and luthiery throughout. PS: I added the little rosette.
  15. 1931jim

    Rubin Ukes -> Caramel Ukes

    Here are some shots showing how I change the tie bridge to be a string-through Nickie. Drill bits used for string-through mod. Usually I can just drill with the #61 drill but if the C string is bigger than .037" or .038" then I'll use the #55 drill bit. Here are the string gauges on this...
  16. 1931jim

    Rubin Ukes -> Caramel Ukes

    Nickie I ordered a tenor from another maker, it is called Strong Wind and is mahagony laminate, the top is only .075" versus the Caramel zebra wood top which is .088". Comparing it to the Caramel tenor I am inclined to favour the sound coming from the thinner top. The sound is everything as we...
  17. 1931jim

    Which bridge stringing do you have/prefer?

    For many years I have only had ukuleles with #3....Tie bridge.... I always converted these to be #4.....Through the body... I have my latest Tenor from Caramel with a #1.....Pin bridge..... I am not going to make it into a string through as has been my custom. Instead I am going to keep it as a...
  18. 1931jim

    Rubin Ukes -> Caramel Ukes

    Perhaps the pictures will download. Making saw dust is easier for me than working on the computer. Jim.
  19. 1931jim

    John king chopsticks

    Hello Nickie, I am sorry but I do not have any recording or video stuff. My grand daughter is good at these things if we could ever get her attention. Regards.
  20. 1931jim

    John king chopsticks

    """Is beautiful when it comes out well""" You have been looking over my shoulder Nickie. Regards.
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