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  1. alaaji

    Substitute for Dma9

    Would anyone know a substitute for that note? I can't find it on any ukulele chord charts. Thanks in advance!
  2. alaaji

    How many of you are self-taught?

    How long did it take you to learn your first song and what was it? How much do you practice a day, week or month? I'm really curious because I work in the middle of nowhere (North Africa) and I only get to the States once every couple of years. There isn't anyone here who has ever heard of...
  3. alaaji

    What is a F2 and G2 chord?

    I saw this written in some tabs for a song and I couldn't figure out what they were and how you would do it on a ukulele. I searched this board and did a google search but all I came up with were the fingerings for a guitar. Can someone help me here? Or do I need some more music theory?
  4. alaaji

    Please help, I cant...

    Please delete this thread moderator. I used the search function to find my topic to no avail but saw what I wanted while scrolling through the various posts.
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