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    Because Art Matters, Pacifica, California

    I'm performing with my best friend at Oceana High School this Friday (April 30) night at 6 pm! Not exactly sure if I'm going to be using my ukulele, but it'd be fun to meet some UUers out there. Not exactly sure on ticket prices either, but I know it's going to be a good show. This is a show...
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    San Francisco/Bay Area meet up?

    LOL. True that. So..anyone still down for a meet-up?
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    "I hate those guys with the acoustic guitars in the Skyline Cafeteria!"

    I found out a Facebook group was made for people to express their anger towards a group of my friends and I who always jam in the cafeteria with our acoustic guitars (obviously) and my ukulele. I never really thought bringing a guitar to school would generate enough hate in someone that it would...
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    Song Help Request Dragon by Jake Shimabukuro

    the first chord shape is 2240 it's difficult to explain the rest. I learned the song by ear.
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    Song Help Request Billionaire - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (The DOPEST SONG OF 2010)

    I use A-C#m-D-E for the verses. But I suppose the F#m works as well.
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    Reno/Tahoe UkeFest

    It's the 19th and 20th, correct?
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    San Francisco/Bay Area meet up?

    I'd love to be a part of another one of these, although with the weather recently I'm not sure if we can have this one outdoors. Anyone else in the Bay Area interested/got ideas?
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    I've been a member for a while, but I never did this yet. Lol. My name is Robee, I'm a college freshman, I love long walks on the beach, moonlit dinners, Star Wars... LOL. I joke. Forreal now. I'm Robee, and I've been playing the ukulele for almost two years now. I also play guitar, drums...
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    I just got hired at a local music store as an ukulele teacher. Any advice to offer?
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    Honey Baby/Drop Baby Drop/Stuck On You

    For old time's sake, a retake on a medley we put together for our first performance ever. ENJOY!
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    Jack Johnson Featuring ALO-Girl I Wanna Lay You Down

    With my friend, Jeremy Landicho, again. Check it out!
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    311/The Cure-"Love Song"

    My friend and I decided to cover this. I'm on the left, having too much fun. My friend, Jeremy Landicho ( is on the guitar. Enjoy!
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    Chris Brown-Yo

    This version is played a full step down from the original, but it still works. Dmaj7-2224 Bm7-2222 F#m-212x Here's a video of me and my friends if anyone needs help figuring out the strumming.
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    N'Sync-I Thought She Knew

    Yeah. It's an N'Sync song. And from what I've searched on the Forums, the third one. Me and my group are going to perform this for my YouTube channel ( and I'm sort of wondering if ANYONE has heard the song, let alone the chords. If anyone discovers what chords...
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    HoneyBaby/DropBabyDrop/StuckOnYou Medley

    Me and my boys finally decided to put together a medley for our school's Talent Show. Here's what we came up with. (I'm on the right posing as a Filipino Jason Mraz except way shorter)
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    Song Help Request "Bandito Tyler" intro picking

    Yeah, I do know the intro part. I just wanna find the picking he does for the acoustic version.
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    Song Help Request "Bandito Tyler" intro picking

    Yet another one I'm having trouble with. I got past the first note with this one though. Anyone got tabs and or can provide help?
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    Adding a pickup?

    So I had an Oscar s** (Schmidt, actually) OU-2E that had a pickup and an EQ that broke on me. :( I recently picked up a fully acoustic Kala Mahogany wood tenor. I've seen Aldrine's modded Kamaka (a Kamaka!), and I've been wondering what would be the best pickup, and how to add it in my Ku'uipo...
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    Song Help Request michael jackson anyone?

    OH! you got served. lol but anyways, check around. aldrine did an in-depth lesson/tutorial on Billie Jean with all the picking and chords and what not.
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    Song Help Request Magic In the Moonlight

    I'm sure we've all seen the clip of the Mele Double Necked Ukulele, and we've heard the song. Anyone got the tabs?
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