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  1. Kyle23

    We lost an important member.. RIP Hawaii 50

    I haven’t posted in a long time but I came to post this. I remember seeing Len on the forums for years, turns out I met him on accident during a Hawaii trip in 2019. I was at Hawaii Music Supply and he walked in and just started talking. We talked for a bit and I still just thought he was some...
  2. Kyle23

    WTB Ko'olau T100

    I missed out on one a couple weeks ago and would really like a shot at another! PMs work best, but feel free to leave a note below. If anyone is interested in a Trade/Cash deal, I could do that also. Have a very nice Kanile'a K1-T if you're intersted. If not, I could pay full with paypal.
  3. Kyle23

    NUD - Hawaiian Vacation Style

    I am on Oahu for another week and decided to stop down to The Ukulele Site. It was probably the main thing I wanted to do here and everything else was just a bonus. Tobias helped me for about 45 minutes basically to pick a uke. I was dead set on a tenor but after hearing this Mango Pono Concert...
  4. Kyle23

    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    Just wanted to bump this thread rather than making a new one. I'm thinking oh changing my Kanilea strings soon and was looking for some more feedback on which strings people use on their Kanileas (Tenor specificially)
  5. Kyle23

    Undercover Lover Tutorial/Lesson

    So I found this song recently while watching The Ukulele Site's podcast a couple weeks back and Corey started to play this song and I loved it and decided I wanted to do a lesson video on it. The video is a bit long, but I go over all parts of the song and it does have a lot of picking...
  6. Kyle23

    Operation Oahu Signatures

    So I had an idea. I leave for Oahu on May 25th and leave June 3rd. I was going to bring one of my ukes, but I decided to instead buy a cheaper uke in Hawaii my first day there and get as many signatures on the ukulele as I can. Do you any of you guys live on Oahu and would like to try and sign...
  7. Kyle23

    Hawaii Vacation - Uke Carry on

    So I am planning a Hawaii vacation for May, but I am worried about bringing my uke. I'll have a carry on bag, plus my uke in a gig bag. Do most airlines allow you to bring both? Also, I plan on visiting the Ukulele Site, Koaloha and Kanilea. Are there any other fun ukulele places to visit on Oahu?
  8. Kyle23

    NUD - or wait... Old Uke Day? KoAloha Concert

    This is a bit different for a NUD thread... BUT here it goes. Two or so years ago, I got THE best gift I have ever gotten. Without going into too much details, KoAloha was nice enough to provide me with a ukulele. It wasn't as easy as them just giving me one, there were circumstances. Anyways...
  9. Kyle23

    Honey Baby and Drop Baby Drop

    I have loved both of these songs for years and I finally felt confident enough to do a bit of the picking. Most of this is from both songs, but I added a but of my own twist on them both. I hope you like it!
  10. Kyle23

    Breezin' Improvising

    Before you watch, I have to say I know I am not very good at picking, but I had some fun with this one. The sound quality could be better also lol. What I had to do was record myself playing the strumming, then play that audio while I play the picking. So it's a video inside of a video...
  11. Kyle23

    Kamaka Koa?

    Why is it that Kamakas tend to have a more bland koa than lets say KoAloha or Kanile'a? Is that intentional or is the koa that is available to them just less eye popping? I also noticed that Kanile'a has some of the best looking koa which brings me to my next question. Can you have access to a...
  12. Kyle23

    Show Off Your Hawaiian Made Ukes

    Even though I recently got a Hawaiian made uke, I still find myself going on theukulelesite and clicking straight to the "Hawaiian Made Ukuleles" section. I just can't get enough of looking at them. The beauty is really unmatched in my opinion when it comes to Hawaiian crafted ukuleles. I'd love...
  13. Kyle23

    NUD - Kanile'a K1-T Gloss Tenor

    Let me first say that this has been my #1 dream uke going back to 2013 when I first started. I used to watch Kanile'a uke videos on youtube for hours just day dreaming about one day owning one. Without getting into too much detail, I had to sell my KoAloha earlier in the year after my family...
  14. Kyle23

    Want To Buy Kanilea Tenor

    Paypal ready. Looking for a K-1 T mostly, but I will look at basically anything under $1,050. Please let me know!
  15. Kyle23

    FT - KoAloha KCM-00 Concert (2016) Need Tenor

    FS - KoAloha KCM-00 Concert (2016) I'm updating this. I had it for trade, but have decided to sell. Taking all offers. Not really sure what a factory second goes for so we will see! It is a factory second uke, which means it has some blemishes. The blemish from KoAloha is a scratch on the...
  16. Kyle23

    It Was a Merry Christmas.... then.... OOOPS

    This thread is going to be a story thread. Hopefully not many people will have stories like mine, but I know some will. It was yesterday on Christmas. I was playing my Cordoba concert ukulele the night before and I set it up on the side of the bed when I was done. The next day my family and I...
  17. Kyle23

    Strings String suggestions for Cedar on Rosewood?

    I've never had a problem with using switched out strings at a later time. I've done it on a few of my ukes. I'm sure someone will come in and prove me wrong about how stretched strings put back on later won't be the best, but yeah I do it.
  18. Kyle23

    Teaching Kids the Ukulele

    So my nephew is 8 years old and I've literally been waiting 4 years for him to finally ask me to teach him how to play. I felt like if I pushed him to play, he wouldn't take to it, so I patiently waited. Two nights ago he comes into my room, picks up one of my ukes and says 'Uncle Kyle, I want...
  19. Kyle23

    It hurts to do this, but I'm desperate.

    Hi guys, as much as I wish I could do this myself and not ask for help, I simply can't. About a year ago I decided it was time I got my first car. A 2011 Chevy Cruze. I even buy the extended warranty and pay extra every month in case something happens! Everything was perfect until a couple of...
  20. Kyle23

    FT- KoAloha Concert (Want Tenor in Return)

    I have a very nice 2016 KoAloha Concert KCM-00 and I was looking to trade it for a Tenor, preferably a K brand, but I'll listen to offers. I really have grown out of concerts and I would like to venture off into the world of Tenors. It is a factory second I believe and the only flaw I can see is...
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