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  1. Uncle Sheepy

    Kala KA-SMHS All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele and hard case

    Lovely Uke in 'as new' condition. Fully set up and a nice action with Worth Brown strings. Absolutely gorgeous hard case from Thomann. £100 (ovno) plus postage. I'm in the UK by the way. Specs here:- There is a traditional, vintage look and sound to these All-Solid wood Mahogany ukuleles...
  2. Uncle Sheepy

    Back bending

    So...I have sourced a tame cabinet maker who will make me some jigs to an accurate tolerance which will be a good start. :D My question is this..would it be acceptable to bend or shape a unidirectional curve on the back (heel to end of body) as opposed to a two way rad? (or is it a hang-able...
  3. Uncle Sheepy

    End join/No end join??

    Hello folks, Just been looking at the two uke's I have. My Kala soprano has the sides bent in two halves and a nice bit of tortoiseshell binding as a filler piece between the two at the tail end of the instrument.( this seems normal). Alternatively my Ohana concert appears to have the sides...
  4. Uncle Sheepy

    Ukulele plans?

    Hello guys, Contemplating a first build at the moment, my shed is progressing to the point that I will have a good space to get set up and I have been stockpiling wood for a while now! I am seriously drawn to the look of the old Hawaiian ukes and don't see to many makers producing these...
  5. Uncle Sheepy

    Bouzouki to Uke?

    Hello Folks, I have an old flatback Bouzouki that is a pretty nice instrument. Cedar top/Rosewood back and sides. It really struggled to cope with steel strings (even when stripped down to single instead of double). So, basically I had written it off as a wall hanger but wondered if it would...
  6. Uncle Sheepy

    Tenayo kit?

    Morning Folks, Just wondered if anyone had tried there hand at assembling one of these kits? Cheers Sheepy
  7. Uncle Sheepy

    Help! on the horns of a dilemma

    Ok guys, This is the problem... Just received a Bruko no6 from Thomann (German company, im in the UK). A really lovely soprano in many ways, extremely well built, all solid woods, really nice. Thing is the sound is just not doing it for me at all, it's all a bit thin. I know sopranos are not...
  8. Uncle Sheepy

    Lanaki strings

    Hello people, Just bought a Lanaki Kohala soprano for my dads birthday. It,s a nice little instrument, the builds quality is good and the mahogany top is really pretty nice. Intonation is spot on and tuners etc do the job. My only complaint is the strings, absolute pieces of cr%p! Black things...
  9. Uncle Sheepy

    Song on Uke Republic website homepage.

    Hello People, Could anyone be so kind as to tell me what this song is called.. Cheers, Sheepy.
  10. Uncle Sheepy

    Ohana sk38/KIWAYA KS-1 pro's & con's

    Hello once again, After some comparison advice (again) on these two sopranos this time... I did buy a Ohana concert that I think is great and the build quality/sound is fantastic so I would have no hesitation sticking with ohana, but just wondered how the Kiwaya compares? Cheers Uncle Cheepy
  11. Uncle Sheepy

    Uke ID help.

    Hello folks, Just trying to find out a bit about my Uke. Bought it about 6/7 possibly more years ago. Its a Samick concert Uke. Made from what looks like a pretty good grade mahogany laminate, mahogany neck(i think). Old style martin headstock. cast open gear tuners. 12 fret body join. Pretty...
  12. Uncle Sheepy

    Concert Uke tuning peg question.

    Hello folks, Just endlessly looking at Ukes as a potential purchase! I initially was looking at sopranos but have been eyeing up some concert models (being a better scale length for me). One thing that bugs me a bit is I really like the look of backward facing pegs and all the ones I have been...
  13. Uncle Sheepy

    Hamano H-100 / Ohana SK38

    Hello there, At some point in the near future I will be upgrading my 'Samick' uke and I love the old martin style (obviously). I was looking at these two instruments. They are a very similar spec (in fact the Hamano seems somewhat plainer) but a big difference in price. Could I beg some advice...
  14. Uncle Sheepy

    Hello from West Cumbria (England)

    Hello people. Bought a Uke about 6years ago, strummed it a few times and hung it on the wall (and there it remained)! Recently I have just bought 10 Uke's to set up a little group in our school. (6-7yr olds) So, long story short, I figured I should really get practicing, dusted off said Uke...
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