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  1. Ziret

    No longer available Famous FS1

    Likewise, and I love that kitty on your headstock!
  2. Ziret

    No longer available Famous FS1

    Likewise, and I love that kitty on your headstock!
  3. Ziret

    Phil Davidson Tenor

    I suspect those tuners will find their niche but it seems to be taking an inordinately long time to shake down. In general, I much prefer them even to high quality friction tuners like GoToh or Gibson, but they are not in the same league as GoToh planetary.
  4. Ziret

    New Uke Day (NUD) Concert Flea

    Yeah the neck ruins it for me, and I am past the age and interest level where I feel like modifying necks. If I still kind of enjoyed doing that, I would keep mine, but instead I have to get it up for sale pretty soon. It’s a solid koa top fluke.
  5. Ziret

    No longer available Famous FS1

    For Pete’s sake, yes! Fantastic uke, fantastic price, give the guy a break! Stop with the questions and buy it. (full disclosure— I don’t know this person at all.)
  6. Ziret

    No longer available Famous FS1 and Favilla baritone

    Could you post a link to those original postings? It seems like a wonderful deal, but one I don’t have the mind power to track down.
  7. Ziret

    Things I Wish I'd Known When I Bought My First Ukulele

    I was wondering that too. Maybe not to live there, but to just see what kind of town has a highly regarded harmonica teacher
  8. Ziret

    Tabs/Chords Kawailehua'a'alakahonua

    Omg so beautiful. Thank you.
  9. Ziret

    Violin construction ukulele

    It’s gorgeous and it sounds beautiful. But what I would like most is the tabs for the music. Does anyone know where I could find those?
  10. Ziret

    Dark versus light koa

    I have never heard that. Perhaps it’s true of koa, I don’t know. But my ex husband was a woodworker with an obsession with black walnut and other PNW native species, which he usually cut and milled himself. I’ve seen a lot of sapwood, and it is soft. Usually you can dent it with a thumbnail.
  11. Ziret

    Impressions of Ordering a Custom Ukulele

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a more thorough explanation of The concert’s place, tonally and otherwise, in between its siblings, the soprano and tenor. To those who complain that they see no need for a concert, that it’s neither fish nor fowl, yada yada, I’d point them to this. No other ukes...
  12. Ziret

    It's almost time to: PLAY BALL! Predict your team's record for this year

    I just woke up from a short nap. I imagined him working on a truck. I would like one of those shirts.
  13. Ziret

    The best solo acoustic cover of Here Comes The Sun ever performed live on national TV

    Those were so fun! Here’s my favorite version
  14. Ziret

    Any other high-g players torn between super (/long neck) concerts and tenor holy grail ukes?

    Interesting question, I have to assume it’s just a hypothetical conversation starter, as I believe most of us, and most importantly you, could get both and not have to compromise. It sounds like a long-neck concert ticks more of your boxes, and my understanding is that lengthening the neck also...
  15. Ziret

    What nonsilly priced ukuleles to go for, for restoring?

    Beautiful work! I like the one in the middle; the sound hole decoration reminds me of a rock art masterpiece here in the PNW called She Who Watches/Tsagaglal. The only brand I can think of that may meet your requirements is Favilla. I don’t suppose it’s any more rare than Gibson, perhaps less.
  16. Ziret

    New again to UU

    I have an Ono with AYC top and quilted maple sides. I think the back is Pau ferro, but can’t remember offhand.. It sounds great. I am sure this does too. It’s the uke that convinced me that softwoods work on ukuleles.
  17. Ziret

    Famous ukes

    It’s completely not a surprise that I’m behind the times and I’m glad to get caught up. I saw that Luna a year or so ago and wondered about it, but successfully resisted the urge to find out everything, saving hours of my life 😄. Sorry to have misled! I love those ukuleles, no matter what their...
  18. Ziret

    Famous FS-1 vs Martin S1

    Perhaps more. I was pretty shocked when I looked
  19. Ziret

    Famous FS-1 vs Martin S1

    As UkeStuff said, the comparison between the laminate Kiwaya and the solid Martin is probably not very useful. It would be better to compare two solid instruments. In that case, you are getting into some pretty expensive territory for both the Martin and Kiwaya. Kiwaya solid instruments are made...
  20. Ziret

    Dry Bridge

    That’s fairly common, and I’ve never known why. It’s your ukulele, if you think it would look better oiled, and I would certainly agree, go ahead. You won’t hurt it or change the sound. You don’t have to wait till you change the strings, but obviously you’ll get s little better/more even...
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