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  1. peewee

    Season 520: 10th Anniversary Dance Party Extravaganza!

    Greetings Seasonistas. A whole decade! I am very proud of those of you who have persevered. Seasons people were the first real virtual friends I made, and what great training for Covid Times! Happy Birthday Jim, and Happy Birthday Seasons. There are too many songs about dancing, of course, so...
  2. peewee

    30s Martin Style 1 for sale on another board

    Don't know anything about this instrument or the seller, but it's a great price have at it!
  3. peewee

    Kala Mandolele at Summer NAMM - 2nd hand info

    from a post at Mandolin Cafe: edit: this seems to have originated at this site: "First, at the Kala booth we got to see a Bill Griffin prototype Mandolele, a 4-string...
  4. peewee

    Got a Mandolin for trade?

    Hi I can't seem to shake the mandolin idea. I might could trade a Koaloha concert or a Mainland mahogany gloss baritone for an appropriately valued mandolin? Let me know if you have one gathering dust, we can discuss details, exchange photos etc. -peewee
  5. peewee

    Season 135 Pet Sounds!

    Hi Alan, thanks for a great theme and being an attentive and cheerful host! Congrats to the winners of course, and good for you for restoring the meritocracy. I know how hard it is. I loved learning some BB songs, I consider them to be completely unmatched in terms of combining amazing pop...
  6. peewee

    La Vie En Rose (solo)

    Very nicely done! thanks
  7. peewee

    Cowboy Waltz: looking for TAB

    Yup, that's Aaron Keim's excellent version.
  8. peewee

    Season 107: "Johnny" week

    Hi All, I had a couple of great sweeping philosophical themes ready for this week, but then on Valentine's day, I learned that a friend from way back - a man so full of joy and life and creativity - died of a heart attack playing in the snow with his younger daughter. This tragic turn of events...
  9. peewee

    92nd Season of the Ukulele: Na-na-na-na-na-nonsense!

    Geoff, I think a Tootler take on Surfin' Bird would be fantastic. Please? It's so thoroughly stuck in my head at this point, I'm tempted to do a take 2 version...papapapapapapapapapapap uma mao mao..
  10. peewee

    California Ukulele Academy workshop, who's going?

    That's fabulous, Daniel Ho is a very talented teacher, pay attention!
  11. peewee

    Chief Noda's Prelude for Cello - Help with rough spot?

    Wow..Sounds beautiful, I've taken a few unsuccesful runs at this piece so I know how hard you have worked at it. Now that you have it in your fingers, slow it down again and work on the phrasing. One of the things that makes YoYo Ma's version of this work so well is his varying intensity and...
  12. peewee

    Roxy's Waltz- An Ukulele Duet That Is Great For Uke Clubs!

    And I with Lori will be trying it out... thanks Aaron
  13. peewee

    Archive YouTube Vids in 1 step with "Takeout"

    Hi This is not particularly new, but I haven't heard of it before here or elsewhere. Google offers a service called Takeout that allows you to archive all of the videos you have uploaded to your YT account in one go. Good for the disorganized IT guy like myself...
  14. peewee

    Free Tab Download Page- Aaron Keim

    More Quiet American goodness!! Weirdly, I spent an inordinate amount of time working on tabbing out cowboy waltz from an old fiddle book, and listening to Woody Guthrie's charmingly amateurish fiddling...I have it written it out, but am still getting to playing it with any fluidity. If past...
  15. peewee

    Song Help Request I Love You California- State Song

    Hi Gillian, I'm a novice musical notation reader, but that there looks like the key of Bb to me! (music by Frankenstein!)
  16. peewee

    CITES Musical Instrument Passport

    I'm going on a trip that involves multiple crossings of the US/Canada border and debating what uke to bring. One concern is compliance with CITES, an international treaty which subjects any instrument thought to contain listed endangered materials to confiscation if it doesn't have the proper...
  17. peewee

    Vigilante (Zimmer)Man - Woody Guthrie update

    Here's a currrent Seasons video. The theme this week is factual/historic songs. I stumbled into doing a Zimmerman/Martin remake of Woody's "Vigilante Man" hope you enjoy, and come on over to the Seasons thread and enter!
  18. peewee

    Song Help Request William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme) HELP!!!!

    Ok just don't try that thing with the apple and the arrow. email sent
  19. peewee

    Song Help Request William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme) HELP!!!!

    Hi I have a tab of this ( GUGUG version that Dav in France made. The original link is dead. PM me an email addy and it's yours!
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