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  1. Ukelori

    Uncle Rod's Boot Camp/Beginners

    Welcome. For basic strumming chords and patterns it's pretty good. Agree with @cdkrugjr about using it with a song book. Don't wait for mastery of the boot camp to supplement it or to move on. I mostly play fingerstyle and use other resources to learn from and play through the boot camp book...
  2. Ukelori

    Tell me about your Sopranino

    Romero Creations XS Soprano is a soprano scale of 13.5 inches and a sopranino body of 18.5 inches. With a nut width of 35mm it plays easily and sounds good in high or low g. The boat paddle shape is widest at the bottom and sits well on my leg when seated and has enough to hold comfortably when...
  3. Ukelori

    FS Pono Concert Mango Satin $SOLD

    And just like that it's going back to its original owner. So glad I was able to play it for a few months. Thanks @Tom51251
  4. Ukelori

    Is "Anchoring" Acceptable When Fingerpicking?

    He does also include anchoring in later lessons. Not that one is right or wrong, just different needs for the music being played. Glad to hear you joined UCA.😀
  5. Ukelori

    FS Pono Concert Mango Satin $SOLD

    Still for sale and will include shipping to anywhere.
  6. Ukelori

    UU which ads are shown to you!

    Me too, I like dollars better.
  7. Ukelori

    WTB Romero XS Soprano- no longer looking

    Thanks all for the posts. I'll check all those out and if one doesn't turn up here I'll likely get one of those.
  8. Ukelori

    WTB Romero XS Soprano- no longer looking

    Thank you, good luck to you on your search as well.
  9. Ukelori

    My Introduction

    안녕하세요 That's about all I can say in Korean. Welcome and enjoy.😃
  10. Ukelori


    It's officially a bad habit, congrats.
  11. Ukelori

    FS Pono Concert Mango Satin $SOLD

    Here is a Pic of the actual case. It's a canvas hard shell and please note it is missing the handle, but I do have the strap to go with it. Free shipping in ConUS and 50/50 split anywhere else.
  12. Ukelori

    FS Pono Concert Mango Satin $SOLD

    Hi UU, This Pono was my first uke and it's everything they say, solid, well constructed, comfortable etc. Stays in tune and currently has Worth Browns on it. A couple of marks, you'd have to know to look for them, overall it looks really good. Includes a Uke Crazy Case. Selling in a...
  13. Ukelori

    WTB Romero XS Soprano- no longer looking

    Hi UU, If you have one that you are ready to let go of, please let me know. Thanks! Ukelori
  14. Ukelori

    Am I lazy? Graded Repertoire for Classical - moving Greensleeves position

    Yes, I signed up back in May for lessons and am so impressed. There are a lot of good teachers and books, not knocking anyone else, but his curriculum and style was what I was looking for. Could I learn with just the books? Maybe, but his lessons for a year cost less than my first uke. This...
  15. Ukelori

    Am I lazy? Graded Repertoire for Classical - moving Greensleeves position

    This is an earlier lesson so you are probably long past this level. My big takeaway on the lesson was learning to move between different positions up and down the fretboard while keeping the left hand in good form. Oh, and alternating between index and middle, Every Single Note. A lesson side...
  16. Ukelori

    SOLD: Rebel Spruce/Mahogany Soprano

    Please forgive the rookie question, what does double cheesecake mean?
  17. Ukelori

    Klassical on Kamaka

    This was a pleasant surprise to see posted. Beautiful playing.
  18. Ukelori

    FS RISA Soprano Stick $170 SOLD

    Oh, no please don't think that. It was what I wanted to try as I am learning about ukes and I enjoyed owning it. All the best.
  19. Ukelori


    Wow, I have seen Putters tabs when they are posted in a new tab thread, but did not know of this site. Thank you Jan and Putter! Welcome jinjin, lots of helpful and fun stuff here.
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