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  1. SandChannel

    Sold Laughlin 3K (Martin 3K Reproduction) Soprano

    Crazy Eddie had some tv/electronics stores in Philly, too. I remember one up in the far northeast at one point. Remembering him made me laugh. The best prices on things bought off the back of a truck!
  2. SandChannel

    Myth, magic, truth...ukulele "opening up"

    Wooden instruments change over the years. Do they open up? That is subjective, but the tone of an instrument can certainly change.
  3. SandChannel

    Latest Moore Bettah Auction (Red Hibiscus)

    Wow. Those are out of my price ranger for sure.
  4. SandChannel

    No longer available Banjolele Banjo Ukulele (European Union)

    Quiet banjoloe? Maybe with a mute of some sort.
  5. SandChannel

    Strings Nylon string recommendation

    Kamaka black nylon.
  6. SandChannel

    Any Chord Melody Arrangements to Share?

    There are a lot to be found at the link below, but most seem to be for Low G.
  7. SandChannel

    ::Leader Board:: Ahnko Honu Takes The Lead Chapter 23!

    Happy Happy, Pi Pie!
  8. SandChannel

    Developing Vibrato

    So, how is your vibrato? When I hear Jake or Kris, I am always impressed by their controlled vibrato. I am having a hard time getting anything worthwhile. Typically, the string doesn't really want to move all that much, because the nylon strings seem to slip beneath my fingertips rather than get...
  9. SandChannel

    Song Help Request Nellie McKay's "Lazybones"

    I can't help, but y'all made me remember how much I love the Leon Redbone version!
  10. SandChannel

    Pepe Romero Jr Ukuleles

    Is Pepe still making any? I see the Romero Creations ones, but I am more curious about the ones that he has a hand in rather than his import line.
  11. SandChannel

    Song Help Request George Formby- Baby

    Quite sad when you think about. All the joy he brought to others, but rarely found in his own life.
  12. SandChannel

    Song Help Request George Formby- Baby

    Its a shame that their actual love story left much to be desired.
  13. SandChannel

    What is that thingy on Jake's ukulele?

    In the below video, Jake has some type of metallic cover below his sound hole. Any idea what it is? Is it just somewhere to rest his fingers or maybe some type of surface pickup that amplifies body taps? Just curious. Thanks!
  14. SandChannel

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    Such an awesome resource! Thanks so much!
  15. SandChannel

    Banjolele String Lengths: A Question

    I have a new (to me) concert scale banjolele, but I am unsure what strings to order. Unlike a standard ukulele, they require more length of string from tail piece to peg end. So if you have a concert scale banjolele, do you order tenor scale strings? Or am I overthinking it?
  16. SandChannel

    Banjolele Tuner for Intonation

    Hi there, everyone. I have a Peterson clip-on tuner that I use for my acoustic instruments and it does a great job on my guitars and ukulele. I just got a banjolele and it uses a movable banjo bridge. I have no problem tuning the instrument with open notes... but the Peterson doesn't do a very...
  17. SandChannel

    Strap damage???

    Definitely not an old wive's tale. I worked in the guitar industry while in college. Here are some examples of Nitro burn caused by vinyl/plastics/etc. Google "Nitro Burn" and focus in The Gear Page or The Acoustic Forum for more examples.
  18. SandChannel

    World Cup 2018

    ... and we are off and running with Russia and Saudi Arabia! :cool:
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