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  1. blorb

    $6 ukulele, $12 strings

    I have an unhealthy fascination with tiny ukuleles, so I check amazon and ebay from time to time to see if there are any cheap ones. A few years ago I found a "Tom" ukulele that is 17 inches and actually sounds decent despite only costing about $32. It's my most used Ukulele since I can take it...
  2. blorb

    Finally found a gig bag for my Sopranissimo.

    Ever since I bought my Tom 17 inch Sopranissimo, I have been regularly checking ebay for a gig bag to put it in. I could only find 21" bags though. I would feel a lot less stupid now if I had just checked amazon to begin with. Apparently Caramel ukuleles has been selling a 17 inch gig bag there...
  3. blorb

    Does size effect likelihood of your ukulele cracking?

    I have a Mainland Tenor that I recently had to transport through a huge climate change and it's buzzing now. There's no visible damage, but I imagine there's a crack somewhere inside the ukulele now (or maybe the nut is just loose, but I don't have the skills to fix it either way), which sucks...
  4. blorb

    Ohana Sopranissimo?

    I saw the UU Ohana NAMM 2016 video where they showed a new Sopranissimo model. Does anyone have any info about it (e.g. price, when it will be available, dimensions, etc.)? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. blorb

    Does anyone else have the strain of UAS where...

    You can't stop purchasing smaller and smaller ukuleles? I won't touch anything over 17 inches any more, and I don't even care about material quality. The smaller it is, the more often it gets played. P.S. If anyone has any cheap tiny ukes for sale, let me know.
  6. blorb

    Questions about stands and ukulele customization

    I bought a Tom brand pocket ukulele and I'm looking for a stand to display it on (no wall hangers, they scare me). Unfortunately, no matter how I input a search on The Google--'pocket ukulele stand', 'mini ukulele stand', etc.--I'm just getting links to regular sized stands. The ukulele is 17...
  7. blorb

    "Unusual" Ukes

    Disclaimer: I'm sure some will argue this doesn't deserve it's own separate thread from the ukulele p*** one at the top of the forum, but since that thread seems to be exclusively about ukuleles that people OWN themselves, and most of those are high end, relatively "standard" shapes/sizes, I...
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