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  1. whepper

    Favorite Uke You've Ever Played

    My favourite is my Kanilea K-2 C DLX, a concert ukulele. It has just the perfect sound and the koa is absolutely stunning. I'm also a big fan of my Black Bear soprano.
  2. whepper

    Vintage Martin S0 1963+ finish becoming cloudy

    And some after pictures:
  3. whepper

    Vintage Martin S0 1963+ finish becoming cloudy

    Thanks for your reply. If it's really trapped moisture, then I would expect that I can't simply rub it off, which I easily can (until it reappears in time). Some pictures before a quick rub, clearly showing the 'problem':
  4. whepper

    Vintage Martin S0 1963+ finish becoming cloudy

    Vintage Martin Style O 1963+ finish becoming cloudy Hi all! I've got a question in regards to a vintage 1963+ Martin Style O I own that is very good condition. The finish on this Martin gets a sort of satin with a sort of whitish cloudy look after a few months of being stored. After a short...
  5. whepper

    Roxy's Waltz- An Ukulele Duet That Is Great For Uke Clubs!

    I'm currently practicing this song too. Love it. Currently I've memorised half of it. Thanks for providing it to the community as a tab and YouTube vids.
  6. whepper

    NUD: Black Bear macadamia soprano

    Hi all! NUD today (actually 2 days ago, but I couldn't stop playing). I received a Black Bear macadamia soprano and what a beautiful ukulele that is. Just wow. Macadamia is an amazing wood to look at. It looks different from every angle and light source. Specs: macadamia body, rosewood bridge...
  7. whepper

    NUD: Ken Timms Style 0 soprano

    Hi all, This week I finally got the chance to snap up a Ken Timms Style 0 soprano on eBay. I've always been too late or it was just not exactly the one I wanted (sometimes they have golden tuners instead of silver or have a lighter colour). Ken prices his ukuleles very attractively. They are...
  8. whepper

    Covered Bridge vs Ono - a comparsion (on request)

    Hi all, I'm posting a short comparison between Covered Bridge and Ono ukuleles, both made in Oregon, USA as I've had a few PM's in which other forum members asked me how they compare. As both ukuleles have different specs they're not tonally comparable. The differences are in the way they are...
  9. whepper

    NUD: Covered Bridge redwood / walnut concert #36

    The Covered Bridge redwood / claro walnut concert #36! Two days ago I received my Covered Bridge concert, which I ordered the beginning of January. Perry & Terry did an awesome job building exacly the uke like I envisioned it. I based my wood selection on the aesthetics of earlier builds...
  10. whepper

    New uke day: Ono curly maple & spruce

    Hi UU'ers! Today I received a new ukulele! :D It's the Ono Ukulele #10, curly big leaf maple with a European spruce top. It's build by David (saltytri on this forum) from Oregon and it's just awesome in looks and it sounds mesmerising. This uke is the twin of the curly mango concert that Jon...
  11. whepper

    Korala UKS-70-NT soprano

    This weekend I bought a 120 euro ukulele as a present in a local music store. It was the first time that I actually tried ukes in store. They didn't stock high-end ukes, but had a range of Korala's, Lag's and Staggs. Most of those ukes were in the 80-200 euro range and almost all of them...
  12. whepper

    Confused by my new soprano

    Ok, till now I only played tenors. Why? Because I liked their looks... they look like little guitars, only the size of everything is much more balanced. I was already the proud owner of a WW all koa tenor and a Kala ASAC-T. Both have a very different sound. What I was missing was a soprano. I...
  13. whepper

    The Beach Boys - Isn't It Time

    I was surprised to hear the uke prominently featured in one of the songs on the new Beach Boys album. The song is very nice and the uke really brightens up the music. I've checked some concert vids to verify this and they're playing a Fender ukulele, just like Train.
  14. whepper

    Willie Wixom All Koa Tenor #118

    Hi! This is my review of the Willie Wixom #118 All Koa tenor. I’ve bought this uke from ukeykondo, who ordered it from Willie. It’s a stunning looking uke. It’s made from solid Hawaiian koa; there’s some nice curl & flaming and also some nice dark grains. It has ebony bindings. The binding on...
  15. whepper

    Kala KA-ASAC-T updated version

    Hi, I'm new into the world of ukulele and I'm really enjoying it (basic strumming that is at the moment). Today I received my Kala KA-ASAC-T from Southern Ukuleles in the UK. It's my 2nd uke (I had a Fender Hau'Oli). I didn't notice it for the first few hours, until I started looking at other...
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