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  1. cb56

    NUD - Blueridge Tenor Guitar (DGBE)

    Maybe helpful?
  2. cb56

    Long scale banjo uke gCEA?

    I'm interested in getting a long scale banjo uke tuned gCEA. Just for extra room on the fret board. Will a 17 fret tenor banjo work with nylon strings? sound ok? Has anyone here done this with success and made videos or recordings I could check out? I'm aware of the Goldtone banjo ukes. I own a...
  3. cb56

    Soares'y steel string uke tenor/Bari/Tenor guitar (Fender Fourcaster) $275 shipped

    Sounds just like a strat except with 4 strings. No issues at all with this instrument If not sold this weekend going to ebay.
  4. cb56

    Soares'y steel string uke tenor/Bari/Tenor guitar (Fender Fourcaster) $275 shipped

    Light discoloration on neck from capo at 5th fret. Not a dent or scratch.
  5. cb56

    Soares'y steel string uke tenor/Bari/Tenor guitar (Fender Fourcaster) $275 shipped

    Pictures taken today. Kept in a smoke free animal free environment. Free tuner and capo included.
  6. cb56

    Soares'y steel string uke tenor/Bari/Tenor guitar (Fender Fourcaster) $275 shipped

    SOLD to GospelUke This thing plays and sounds great. I just don't use it as much as I thought I would. $275 Shipped USA 48 only Paypal only 23 inch scale 22 5/8 ? 1 1/4 width at nut New upgraded Fender gigbag. String chart for all the tunings possible I keep it tuned DGBE (Bari uke tuning)...
  7. cb56

    RIP David S. Gill

    Sorry for your loss Gary. Playing my DS Gill uke now.
  8. cb56

    May Singhi Breen New ukulele method

    don't know how to delete
  9. cb56

    Song Help Request What is the difference in Old Time vs Blue Grass Songs?

    There a few hundred jokes in there but I'll behave myself. Alot of the songs are the same. I think it's mostly in the way that the songs are played. Bluegrass only one instrument plays a "Break" at a time in between vocals. Usually in old time many people play the melody every time around the...
  10. cb56

    Tenor Guitar

    BTW here's my baybeeZ
  11. cb56

    The electric ukulele: a new instrument

    I don't care what you call them, I'm still playing them BWwwaaahahahaha
  12. cb56

    Uke-A-Palooza, May 10, Moline, IL

    Sounds fun> Don't know if I'll be making the 5+ hour trip up there this year but who knows? Thanks for posting the event.
  13. cb56

    Goldtone BUB Baritone banjo uke $300 shipped USA

    SOLD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. cb56

    Electric Ukulele?

    One of these? CAN be tuned GCEA with proper strings. I've done it and it sounds great! See string chart below. Around $300 from soarse'y guitars.
  15. cb56

    Tuning a guitar uke style with a twist - need help from those with the knowlege...

    Get a tenor guitar. You can tune it DGBE, GCEA or gCEA and a bunch of other ways with the right strings. I have an electric and an acoustic tenor. Right now both tuned DGBE. The electric sounds great tuned GCEA but the acoustic not so much. I decided to keep them DGBE and capo 5th fret when...
  16. cb56

    WTB Gold Tone Baritone banjo ukulele (BUB)

    Have cash ready to buy!
  17. cb56

    Tenor Guitar

    Here is my Blueridge BR-40T (They go for around $400)Along with my Soares'y Fourcaster (around $300) and my Mainland red Cedar tenor uke. Ibanez is now selling a smaller tenor for around $300 that looks good but I haven't played one.
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