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  1. molokinirum

    Hello from New Jersey

    Welcome to UU! Exit 9 here, Pork Roll, hate all NY teams! Lol
  2. molokinirum

    Stay safe, everyone in Maui

    So so so sad 😢. Sending prayers to Maui, first responders and the lovely people of Lahaina.
  3. molokinirum


    Have been away from UU for a number of years....time to get back! This is still the BEST ukulele site anywhere!
  4. molokinirum

    New Jersey Uke Fest, Aug. 26-28, 2016

    Cool....I can make the Saturday events.
  5. molokinirum

    For YOU from UKE NJ 3! (photos) Part 1/2

    Missed this as I was away on vacation......gotta make it to next years!! Looked like a GREAT time!!
  6. molokinirum

    Old Kamaka Pineapple - Worth Saving?

    Yes...send it to Kamaka. I have a 1935 Kamaka Pineapple that I sent to Kamaka for repair and it was $300 and they did an amazing job. Worth every penny. Here is Fred Jr. playing my restored Kamaka Pineapple!!
  7. molokinirum

    Thanksgiving plans.....

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what are your plans? For me, staying home with just the family, turkey with all the trimmings, a fire in the fireplace and some uke playing.....between the football games of course!
  8. molokinirum

    Hawaii 43rd Annual Ukulele Festival. Sunday July 21st. 10am to 4 pm.

    One year I gotta make it!!! Be there in spirit 50!!! Keep us up to date!!!!!! Aloha
  9. molokinirum

    Uke New Jersey

    Ohhhh if nothing is planned I could make the all day Saturday! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Any work shops lined up yet?
  10. molokinirum

    Opportunities to sit-in on Kauai or Maui?

    In Maui...go to the Hula Grill in the Whalers Village, to see Derick Sebastian play and during his breaks, go and talk story with him and he might play a little with you!!! I know...I did!!!
  11. molokinirum

    John Denver [finger picking tabs?]

    That is what I thought as well.
  12. molokinirum

    Stay safe Northeast ukers

    Big storm going to hit NJ and NY. Everybody PLEASE stay safe and prepare for the worst! Looking at 6+ inches of rain and very high winds!
  13. molokinirum

    Song Help Request Christmas Time is Here Tab

    Thanks wicked....yes that is a great version!!
  14. molokinirum

    Slack Key Guitar

    Can anybody recommend a beginner book on slack key guitar, or any site on the net? (I have been looking but with no luck!) I currently play the ukulele and want to start to learn slack key. (I love the music!) I already have a basic acoustic guitar. Thanks!!!!
  15. molokinirum

    External Pick up

    Does anybody have any experience with an external pick up? Are they any good? This is for a Kamaka Concert and not really wanting to drill into the uke. Mahalo for any help!!!!
  16. molokinirum

    Aloha Friday tabs

    Glad it was what you wanted!!! Aloha!!!
  17. molokinirum

    Aloha Friday tabs

    Is this what you are looking for? Aloha Friday G Here is where I sit all cloudy and blitzed, G7 C With my Primo bottles lying everywhere. Got a guitar in my hand and a G D7 G G7 Wesson Oil can under my okole for a chair. HUI: G7...
  18. molokinirum

    Song Help Request Around the World-Dennis Kamakahi

    Here are the chords, not complete cause they want $6 for the complete set. This might help you...I hope!!!
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