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    Any possibility of a theme to match the old red & tan look & feel?

    I will take a look at what you have started there and see what I can do.
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    Any possibility of a theme to match the old red & tan look & feel?

    This is what the site used to look like for me. I don't recall changing the settings (though I may have done so) so I am under the impression that this was the default theme: The concept of themes means that nothing at all would have to change for you. But a lower-contrast color scheme...
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    Any possibility of a theme to match the old red & tan look & feel?

    The "Pro Blue" style still features high-contrast black text on a bright white background for posts. It is not at all similar to the old Red & Tan styling IMO. The old look & feel was much easier on my eyes. No one has communicated with me regarding the theming... though I'm still willing to help
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    Any possibility of a theme to match the old red & tan look & feel?

    I prefer darker and warmer colors and the old site really did look great also, I am a UI professional and would be willing to help put something together if there is a need
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    Squeaky Leather Straps?

    Recently I have been using a particular ukulele strap with leather ends, and it makes a squeaking sound while I am playing as the leather makes friction with the wood of my ukulele. The sound is amplified by the instrument's resonant chamber and I find it sufficiently distracting that I decided...
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    Melodic Meditations for Ukulele is at the printer!!

    Heads up to anyone who enjoyed Daniel Ward's Arpeggio Meditations for Ukulele: I got an email message today indicating there is a new edition coming out! Melodic Meditations for Ukulele! Anyway, I'm pretty stoked. I'm definitely picking up a copy. :drool:
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    Cleaning Inside a Ukulele?

    This is going to be an odd and embarrassing question, but I recently noticed that there was a fair bit of me accumulating inside of my new ebony-bodied ukulele. Mostly I think it is bits of dandruff from my beard (eww gross, I know.) Peering in through the sound hole I can clearly see the dark...
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    In case hygrometers?

    Howdy ukers -- does anybody regularly use a hygrometer in their instrument cases? I have been doing a little thinking and shopping around online and I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to effectively measure humidity inside a ukulele case. I managed to survive last winter with all...
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    Whole House Humidification Systems

    After only one dry season of soundhole humidifiers, I really wish I could just leave my ukes out on stands around the house. So I recently began researching home humidifiers. It seems that if you live in a normal-sized house, you can get a home humidification system installed for less than...
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    Song Help Request Name the song?

    I don't know what song it is, but I know Kalei writes his own music. I'd wager it is a Gamiao original.
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    Developing a Buzz

    Three ukuleles I have purchased within the last 4 months have developed buzzing on certain strings/frets up at the nut end of the neck. All three are high quality instruments, 2 of them luthier built. None of them had any noticeable buzzes when I first obtained them. These are wonderful...
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    Fly Eagles Fly...

    The birds have won it all! 30 years an Eagles fan and we finally did it! If I had a webcam I'd be posting my uke rendition of the fight song! Woooo!
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    Uke Players in NE Pennsylvania?

    Hey Deb! I grew up just outside of Dalton, PA(which is where I am assuming you are from based on your username.) Don't know anything about local uke groups, unfortunately. Small world though!
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    Song Help Request The Classic Rock Song "True Love" who did it?

    With that 1-4-5-4 progression you must be looking for "Good Lovin'" by The Rascals.
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    Soundhole sniffing...

    Maybe this is a slightly strange topic, but I find myself doing this regularly and I find it ever so enjoyable. Every time I take a ukulele out of its case the first thing I do is take a nice full inhale while sniffing the soundhole and appreciate the wonderfully woody aromas inside. Sometimes...
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    Song Help Request Careless whisper

    You can transpose the riff to start on 1st string 10th fret G. The lowest note of the riff will then be an open 3rd string.
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    Song Help Request Name That Tune

    I believe that is a rendition of a folk tune from the American south called "Home Sweet Home."
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    Ohana CK-39 Concert (Martin S3 Type)

    One week ago, I received my first deliberately sought ukulele, the Ohana CK-39! This is pretty exciting for me, as I find it to be a significant upgrade over the cheap Kala soprano that I stumbled into at the start my ukulele journey. First off, I must admit I am only ~4 months and now 2 ukes...
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    Strings String suggestions for Cedar on Rosewood?

    Strumsilly posted this article in another thread recently. As a relatively new ukulele player, I found it to be a very detailed and informative article explaining the pitfalls of taking popular ukulele string lore at face value. Definitely it is worth a read for someone asking the question you...
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    Can I prevent UU from logging me out?

    I find that sometimes, after I have written a post, when I submit it I will be shown a screen informing me that I am not logged in. I was definitely logged in when I started writing the post, or else I would not have been able to click the "reply" button because it is invisible to those who are...
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