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  1. AnthonyUkulele

    Ufc 97 baby

    sooOOOooOoOoOoOOOO...Chuck Liddel Or Shogun and is Anderson Silva gonna defend his title for a record five for discussion =] :shaka:
  2. AnthonyUkulele

    SoCal San Diego Jam Session

    Hard to decide...if there is going to be a party on the 18th for UFC 97, i might not show up...but if no one is going to host the forsure gonna show up -.-...lets have it someones house and watch it while jamming LOL...
  3. AnthonyUkulele

    SoCal San Diego Jam Session

    another fliar should be made soo we can post it up...i got a few of my friends to go to the jam cause of it =]
  4. AnthonyUkulele

    SoCal San Diego Jam Session

    4 days after im 18!!!!! WOO IM DOWN FOO SHO
  5. AnthonyUkulele

    Ukulele Workshop in San Diego - January 2009

    yeah same...can't make it but down to cop one of those DVD's
  6. AnthonyUkulele

    Super Bowl Predictions

    i wanna go with Philly and Chargers =] die hard charger fan:rock:
  7. AnthonyUkulele

    uke got mail episoed 12

    what was that first song aldrine played in the beginning...i probably know it but its just not coming to the top of my head...also what were some of those songs you guys played at the jam =] thank you
  8. AnthonyUkulele

    All Ages in San Diego!

    Aww bro i would of gone but i got my friends debut....wanna play there instead haha i wish
  9. AnthonyUkulele

    another Silent Night

    DOPPPPEEEEE I can play it at the christmas party LOL
  10. AnthonyUkulele

    First Ukulele Parade in San Diego this Sunday!...

    Ill see if i can make it...if im not hung over from this party
  11. AnthonyUkulele

    manny pacquiao VS. de la hoya

    SOO WHO IS GONNA WIN....*ahem*Manny*ahem* haha not hating or nothing delahoya is good=]:rock:
  12. AnthonyUkulele

    SD Uke Jam the 3rd Coverage...

    lol haha i know we tried using "laughter" but it siad it was taken so we tried that lol
  13. AnthonyUkulele

    SD Uke Jam the 3rd Coverage...

    Great time guys and a great experience...loved it very much...going forsure to the next one...for those those who couldnt make it there is always another jam and we will try to keep this going strong for as long as we can...SAN DIEGO REPRESENT!!!!!!!!! ONE LOVE TO THE UKULELE NATION
  14. AnthonyUkulele

    San Diego Represent... the THIRD!!! Nov14,2008

    dude im fersure goingno doubt about that...i couldnt last time because of the rain and the time before was kuhz i was the family...this time nothing is going to stop me >:D
  15. AnthonyUkulele

    Song Help Request loud phrase from the quiet one

    sorry if this is posted up i couldnt find it but does anyone have tabs for loud phrases please and thank you
  16. AnthonyUkulele

    Island Woman - three plus

    thank you very much sorry for the late was down
  17. AnthonyUkulele

    Wonderful Tonight Tab and Chords

    sweet thanks picked up the moment i saw the tabs easy song...but fun thank very much
  18. AnthonyUkulele

    SD UU meet October 1, 2008...

    ill try to make it ionno since its a weekday but if i can fersure ill be there
  19. AnthonyUkulele

    Drop, Baby, Drop - Strum pattern

    i try the down up chunk it works for honey baby too but the down up up down sounds good
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