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  1. Roselynne

    Song Help Request Please help me I'm useless with learning songs.

    I give my teacher fits because I cannot just look at his fingers and see where mine are supposed to go! Maybe that's a common problem. Ray's strum seems about right. In one or two places, she does an extra down-strum for emphasis. I'm thinking those extra strums are optional.
  2. Roselynne

    Loopy String Question

    Do any of you leave string ends uncut when re-stringing? If so, how do you make those loopy hoops at the tuners look so neat? I ask because I've always trimmed my strings at the tuners. Now, however, I have one very old ukulele with violin pegs (just wooden pegs with slots in the top), and...
  3. Roselynne

    UKULELE JAY'S UKEJAM BY THE BAY 2014: March 29th, San Francisco, CA.

    I'll try to make it. Not up to leading yet, I'm afraid. Should I bring a high-G, or a low-G?
  4. Roselynne

    UKULELE JAY'S UKEJAM BY THE BAY 2014: March 29th, San Francisco, CA.

    I'd love to make it, if I can! I do have a music stand. As for ukulele ... is it mostly high-G, or low-G?
  5. Roselynne

    Bad Uke Day -> New2Me Mystery Uke Day

    Hmmmm ... huhhh? Used to live in Honolulu myself, manymany moons ago. Don't know how to get a good pic of that heel block, but "MADE IN USA" is there, all right. Here are some pics (trying to save bandwidth, but I can try for bigger copies, if needed):
  6. Roselynne

    Bad Uke Day -> New2Me Mystery Uke Day

    PICS: Bad Uke Day -> New2Me Mystery Uke Day A few nights ago, I felt a rough patch on the edge of my Kamaka's lower bout. On examination -- yup -- top separating from side. :( Not wanting to send it home across the pond, 'cause who knows where UPS would send it when it returned, I found a...
  7. Roselynne

    High G Study by Aguado

    Just tried it. Most cool, indeed. Thank you!
  8. Roselynne

    Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, August 14 - 24, 2012

    Wouldn'tcha know -- My first New/Old Uke Day fell on the last Camp Day. :( Here's to next year! :music:
  9. Roselynne

    Minuet by Bach Tabs

    Thanks, Fingeruke! This is exactly the sort of thing I want to do on the uke.
  10. Roselynne

    Hi from SF Bay Area!

    Wow ... a whole lotta uke-in' happening in Contra Costa. Cooool! Are there any clubs meeting nearby? The uke has its share of dings and scrapes -- but zero cracks or holes or separations. The only gouges are in the back of the headstock, and they're pretty shallow. Tuners look brand-new...
  11. Roselynne

    Hi from SF Bay Area!

    Hello, All! Total uke newbie here. Relative guitar newbie, too. I've been mostly lurking. Great group! I grew up on Oahu, and my Kamaka Gold Label "Nostalgia Special" soprano just arrived today. It's in great condition, and beautiful in its simplicity. Sounds great, too. I hope to sound...
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