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  1. ChrisRCovington

    What a $25 Baritone sounds like ... my first Baritone experience

    Well I took the baritone gamble and I... won! It is not the best looking ukulele and it has a buzz because it needs a new saddle but hey for $25 it can't be beat. The flaws are mostly cosmetic. The sides are each made out of two different pieces of veneer (see dark line around the left side of...
  2. ChrisRCovington

    East Asian wood?

    I've been thinking about possible uses for some East Asian woods that are becoming common here in the US such as ginkgo or paulownia and how they might work out in ukuleles. Does anyone have any experience with them? I know they use paulownia to make Asian zithers such as koto. I also understand...
  3. ChrisRCovington

    Plum wood?

    Has anyone used plum wood to build an ukulele or other instrument? I saw one on the Bruko website (since sold) and I thought it looked really good. Here are a few photos I snagged before it sold: I thought it looked pretty nice I wonder how it sounds? Any thoughts?
  4. ChrisRCovington

    Access to Fab Lab

    Hello all, I just found out today that I have access at my college to an MIT Fab Lab! We have a laser for engraving and cutting, a shop bot, and a 3D printer! I knew the lab was there but I assumed you needed to take a bunch of classes to get access. Turns out you take a 4 hour intro class on...
  5. ChrisRCovington

    My 1st build

    Latest progress. I've attached the neck. The joint was super flush and I think I could have just glued it on and it would have held, but I didn't. I used a dowel to make sure it stayed in place. Everything so far has been done with hide glue. I love the stuff. Easy to clean up and no where near...
  6. ChrisRCovington

    My 1st build

    Hello all, So here is my first build thus far. Please let me know what you think. I am using a pre-shaped neck (all I needed to do was cut the headstock shape. I went with a three point, classic). Next up is making the bridge and fretboard. Best regards, Chris
  7. ChrisRCovington

    New work bench!

    Hello all, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year! So I got a new work bench for X-mas from my fiancée. I also got a small bandsaw from my parents. I, of course, got straight to work once everything calmed down from the holidays. I got some sides bent and got the blocks and solid...
  8. ChrisRCovington

    Salutory Warning...

    Forgive me while I digress further from the topic. Those Christmas Gibsons (maybe the ugliest high end ukes in the world?) often have inlaid fret markers that are a rainbow of colors. What it that stuff? Mother of trash? Seriously who thought those things were a good idea? At least the 5K were...
  9. ChrisRCovington

    Poinsettia on ebay

    Well there is another one up for sale on ebay: I think this shows the variation Gibson used when making these...
  10. ChrisRCovington

    Best time to harvest wood?

    Hello all, As the leaves start to turn a bright firey red and orange here on the east coast of the US I am reminded of my high school science teacher. I had him for two years and every year no matter the subject he would teach us what makes a colorful fall. I remember you needed a wet late...
  11. ChrisRCovington

    Poinsettia on ebay

    Hello all, I have nothing to do with this sale other than I thought it was cool. There is a Gibson Poinsettia on ebay right now: Nice looking rare ukulele.
  12. ChrisRCovington

    old vintage Hawaiian ukes

    Re: Kaholas A brand mentioned in the OP was Kaholas. Kaholas is often mentioned as a possible Hawaii made ukulele by some and as a mainland Gretsch ukulele by others. I just found a photo of one in the original box clearly stating Gretsch. The label inside the sound hole also matches the label...
  13. ChrisRCovington

    fixing some cracks on a Kumalae

    Final follow up! I finished my poor broken Kumalae. I used koa for the cleats (must be my OCD because I couldn't bring myself to use spruce for some reason). I also used koa for the thin shims for the top and back. There were a few other places I needed to make some tiny repairs all with...
  14. ChrisRCovington

    1st attempt at bending

    Ok I bent some basswood sides. Easy to bend and I'm sure it won't sound very good but hey, any practice is good for me right? I wonder if I put some CPES on it if I could make it decent enough to play? Nah I'll just wait for some real tone wood. But it has been fun to play with. Maybe I'll make...
  15. ChrisRCovington

    1st attempt at bending

    I'm working with a set up like the one shown on the Sprucehouse site here: I got a form and mold for a Martin style 0 soprano. The form has a small box I made under it with a light bulb inside. I also soaked the linings in hot...
  16. ChrisRCovington

    1st attempt at bending

    Hello all, I made my first attempt at bending anything today. I got some basswood for lining and thought I'd give it a go. Now I understand basswood bends like butter because it is so soft but I have to say it went really well. No major cracking or anything. I'm not 100% sure I'll be using the...
  17. ChrisRCovington

    new toys to play with :)

    Hello all, As a budding ukulele builder/repair guy in the begining of my journey I am collecting various tools, clamps, jigs, wood scraps for repair, etc. I just made a few spool clamps and wanted to share photos. I used a hole saw drill bit to cut out a bunch of pieces of maple (I might do...
  18. ChrisRCovington

    fixing some cracks on a Kumalae

    Mr. Turner, ProfChris et al, Thanks for reading and replying. Well I took the clamps off the bridge plate and now the top is about as flat as it could be. It looks like the bridge plate was the issue... or maybe it was the top and the bridge plate was all that was there to keep it from making...
  19. ChrisRCovington

    Song Help Request "Ukulele I Love You" Singto Numchok?

    Wow sweet thank you. I just need to learn to read and speak Thai :) I don't know the words but I love the song and will play it without singing :) Thanks again!
  20. ChrisRCovington

    fixing some cracks on a Kumalae

    Here's what I'm working with. I just made a brace out of some mahogany to go below the bridge plate to add strength and flatten the top out a bit. I also wet the inside of the top a little bit with some very hot water and clamped it between two cauls to try to flatten it out more. I was suprised...
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