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  1. mo9090x

    Blackbird Clara - Flat fretboard, custom Gotoh UPT Tuners, custom finish

    Hello UU Community, Here is a slightly custom Blackbird Clara. It has a flat fretboard and was made just before the radiused model was an option. The finish is all matte, including the headstock. Other models around the same time had a shiny headstock. The tuners are Gotoh UPT tuners with the...
  2. mo9090x

    FS: William King Koa Soprano with hard case & humidifier - A treat for someone!

    William King makes (made) some of the finest ukuleles in my opinion. I won't go on about how the sound of his ukes sing. I didn't want to sell this piece, but financial obligations demand otherwise, so here goes: 2011 William King N5 Soprano. It has select curly koa top, back and sides, curly...
  3. mo9090x

    Kala USA Made Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-BASS Koa Top

    Not sure if anyone will be interested in this niche high end uke but just in case... Strummed once or twice. Virtually unplayed. Gorgeous piece and quality. I don't know how to play bass, I just always wanted to learn, but didn't. According to Kala's website: Top grade solid select koa top...
  4. mo9090x

    Boat Paddle M Style Concert w/ Redwood Top / Walnut Back & Sides

    Boat Paddle M Style concert: Scale Length: 15" Nut Width 1.44" Tuners: Gotoh UPT Frets: 20 Strings: Worth Nut & Saddle: corian, pinned Nut Top Wood: redwood Back & Side: walnut Finish: polished lacquer Finger Board: ebony Neck: walnut Trim: ebony with purfling top and sides, herringbone rosette...
  5. mo9090x

    Kala KA-P soprano pineapple with gig bag and tuner. Excellent condition!

    SOLD Kala KA-P soprano pineapple, with Rockbag gig bag, set up and in excellent condition. No strum marks or signs of use. I did find one ding on the back of the head stock which is the size of a large bread crumb. It has been set up with Nylgut, has good volume sweet tone. A fun uke to have...
  6. mo9090x

    Who got that William King soprano on FMM

    Was it someone here on UU? I'm very interested in the sound review once you get it! Please share. Thanks! :drool::anyone::iwant:
  7. mo9090x

    FS: Kala KA-TG w/Tweed Uke Crazy case - Excellent like new condition

    SOLD Geez, this thing has 10 minutes (if that) play time on it with gentle hands so pretty much it looks brand spanking new. It was set up with an upgraded saddle (NuBone instead of plastic) and really impressed me with it's excellent sound, feel and fit & finish. Kala does an incredible job at...
  8. mo9090x

    For Sale: Glyph Concert

    Below is the link for the original posting. I have enjoyed it but xmas costs causes a need to sell it. I barely played it as I have several ukes to spread the love. So it is in the same excellent condition as I received it in plus I've added an easily removable strum guard that I custom cut and...
  9. mo9090x

    Kamaka HF-2 Concert w/ Gotoh UPT tuner upgrade - late 2012 build, bought in May 2013

    SOLD Excellent condition Kamaka HF-2 concert ukulele with Gotoh UPT tuners and beautiful ivoroid buttons. Standard koa build except for the upgraded tuners. This uke is in the same immaculate condition as when I bought in in May 2013. The date stamp is Dec 03, 2012 and it was purchased at...
  10. mo9090x

    Boat Paddle Ukulele - Cedar top / Walnut back / Waverly tuners!

    Almost forgot the UU sign :rulez: And a sound clip:
  11. mo9090x

    Boat Paddle Ukulele - Cedar top / Walnut back / Waverly tuners!

    Great piece for sale: - Concert length, 12 frets - Build date March 2013 - Cedar top - Walnut back, sides, headstock - rosewood fretboard and bridge - Waverly friction tuners with real ebony buttons! - currently strung with living water strings - I made a custom pick guard which you may be able...
  12. mo9090x

    Sailor Brand Soprano w/ Pegheds & Misi - made in the USA

    **SOLD, thanks everyone!** I bought this from Plainsong back in November to play with my nephew and that hasn't happened so it's time to re-home this beauty to someone that can give it play time. Great piece with great features, I'm confident someone will really enjoy it. Don't buy this if...
  13. mo9090x

    What is the song that people often play for a uke demo?

    Can UU members help me identify this song: People seem to play it often for uke demos and I'd like to learn it. Thanks in advance UU!!
  14. mo9090x

    Interest check: Kanile'a Aldrine Guerrero Model Tenor

    Hello, Seeing if there is any interest if I sell my Kanilea AG model. Pristine condition. Always kept in the humidified case and no mark dings anything. Upgraded with Gilbert tuners. Paid $2900 plus $70 shipping. Something to note about this model is that all the AG's are cut from the same...
  15. mo9090x

    My KoAloha Story movie showing

    Wickedwahine11, After you confirm the tickets are available from the Grammy office, you might want to try getting a refund from TM. I bought the ticket without seeing the final 5.90 charge and promptly asked for a refund. I felt that 9.90 in fees is just too much. They refunded me no problem.
  16. mo9090x

    WTB WTT Collings Concert UC2 or UC3 - have Collings UT2 Sunburst for trade

    Hi, I am looking for a Collings Concert size in Koa or possibly Doghair. I have a brand new UT2 Sunburst for trade. Please PM if you are looking to move to a tenor size. Mine is excellent condition, as I got it brand new from the shop. Original owner.
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