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  1. nobby8126

    Songs for the river

    Right guys I'm off on a little trip down a river in kent with a few friends and in need of suggestions for easy (ish) relevant songs to play. Normally I'd just whack out the old faithfuls but 2 of the guys are superb musicians so I'd like to have something in the bank unfortunatley I'm drawing a...
  2. nobby8126

    polynesian symbols

    Hi Guys, Been thinking about getting a new tattoo for a while, and was wondering if anyone knew the polynesian symbol for family. There isn't much in the way of a definative answer to be found on the web so hoping you guys might be able to help.
  3. nobby8126

    New uke day

    Had a call today from my local shop to say that my uke had arrived. Couldn't believe it only ordered it monday afternoon and it was here first thing wednesday morning. Even better news was that while talking to the guy in the shop about the service that mgm offers and that it's a shame that...
  4. nobby8126

    Life or death

    I am in the normally unheard of position of having some spare cash, which now puts me in an akward position. My angry pregnant wife knows about my finances and she no doubt has already spent it in her head, she also knows that I'm itchin to get myself a kala thineline travel tenor and although...
  5. nobby8126

    I have the chance for a real bagain

    I have the chance to Aquire a Tennessee Soprano-Ukulele Model KILAUEA nato wood for a seriously low amount of money but can't find any reviews (in english) online. Has anyone played,owned or had any experience with one of these. I think they must be a european manufacturer as I could only find...
  6. nobby8126

    2nd vid "something cover"

    slightly better quality than my last vid (sound and picture not playing). Was going to put in the outtakes where my cat took exception to my playing and kept attacking with the stealth of a ninja. Comments welcome good or bad but please remember I only started playin early jan.Might resubmit...
  7. nobby8126

    papas boxes build kit

    Has any one either played or built one of these kits? I'm itchin to get a cigarbox uke and really like the thought of making my own without the trial and error involved in starting from scratch. any other kits about?
  8. nobby8126

    Thankyou dominator

    Just wanted to say a thanks to dominator the man is a legend, Just learnt "something" from his tutorial and it sounds great. I have only been playing just under 2 months and am amazed at how his lessons have made me sound. Thanks again.
  9. nobby8126

    Song Help Request urban spaceman

    looking for the "Urban space man" by the bonzo dog doo dah band (not made up I swear)
  10. nobby8126

    Song Help Request walking on the moon - the police

    been looking but can't seem to find them, Please help.
  11. nobby8126

    My first vid

    Thought it was time to add a vid without the aid of a toilet. Must warn you my singing is pants and the recording leaves a lot to be desired. Now I have sold it to you it was a toss up between One by u2, Something by the Beatles but opted for Hallelujah as it was the one I was least likely to...
  12. nobby8126

    Soundtrak needed for short film

    I am entering a short film about mountainboarding into a film festival later this year and was thinking about doin the soundtrak with ukes. so this is a 2fold post 1. any suggestions as to what might suit a film that has chilled moment with friends enjoyng nature drinking bbq by an open fire...
  13. nobby8126

    Budget tenor

    Am looking to buy a tenor but dont know enough about ukes to make an educated desicion. Got about £150 budget and am swaying towards kala/makala purely due to the love for my dolphin. Please help hoping to get a little better quality but realise I won't be getting a ferrari for toyota prices.
  14. nobby8126


    Posted elsewhere but haven't had the oppurtunity to record any other so I thought I'd post to pop my vid cherry.
  15. nobby8126

    Personal Uketopia

    I was sitting here with my three kids clawing at my strings and phonecalls coming in from work thinking when and where is everyones uketopia. A place where you are undisturbed and alone to enjoy and contemplate. Apologies if this has been done before I did have a quick scout on previous threads...
  16. nobby8126

    Clearwater Pineapple electro soprano

    Just brought one of these from ebay but can't find any reviews online. It hasn't arrived yet and don't know whether to prepare for happy days or dissapointment. Any feedback is appreciated
  17. nobby8126

    Makala Dolphin soprano

    Just brought one of these as my first uke. Pretty impressed by the tone and tuning and it makes me smile whilst playing. I really cant fault it for a cheap instrument. It has bags of charm making me fall in love already. has anyone else have any experiences with them?
  18. nobby8126

    Newbie from Kent Uk

    Hi all, My names Nobby and I have just got my first uke a makala. I have played a bit of guitar in the past but cant stop smiling while playing my uke. Lookin to improve my technique and library and already looking at different ukes to get. Any hints or tips always gratefully accepted.
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