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  1. mjgreenwood

    shop is thawing out. - neck questions.

    Frustration... After spending some time milling down the lumber and building a halfway decent body I attempted to cut my neck dovetail. Multiple problems: 1. The body slipped out of my clamped jig! I tightened it down really snug. This made a little "kiss" but I kept moving on. 2. I set...
  2. mjgreenwood

    dobro value.

    Model a30. Cyclops tenor? Any clue as to value? Can't find a comparable. has some body and binding issues. Any help appreciated
  3. mjgreenwood

    shop is thawing out. - neck questions.

    Haven't had a chance to work on anything since last fall. With the Chicago weather breaking I've had a chance to get back at it in my garage shop. Mahogany tenor. The body is going much better then my first 4 attempts. I've rebuilt my bending machine and I'm now using templates from Kevin...
  4. mjgreenwood

    Outside mold - Cast Plastic

    On my first couple of builds I noticed a hump in the upper bout on my uke bodies. (this would crack on some sides and really showed up on binding). A product of a bad home made template. I also had a problem with the fit of my bending mold profile to the outside mold, not very exact. So I...
  5. mjgreenwood

    Neck Troubles -- Thanks Mr. Howlett

    In the research prior to staring my build I've watch and document a bunch of information. Today I was hitting my head against the wall with the neck profile problem. I originally wrote out a long post detailing the ins and outs of my problems.... All I needed was a refresher. So to avoid...
  6. mjgreenwood

    tail and neck block

    I'm working on my 2nd body and was curious about neck and tail blocks, concerning grain direction and glue area. From other threads I gather that I should only glue the blocks with a similar width of the kerfing. That being said should I set a marking gauge and then taper the blocks back...
  7. mjgreenwood

    Fist weeks - kerfing

    I've been having a blast building gigs, milling up lumber, trial and error bending. Today and yesterday I was working on kerfings. Wow pain in the neck. I've always been partial to kerfed linings as opposed to solid. Looks and tradition I guess. Now that I've made a few runs of kerfed...
  8. mjgreenwood

    Finished my side bender

    It's taken me a while to knock this out but tonight I finished my side bender. (the biggest setback was not having a band-saw, as of this point I'm supposed to take delivery tomorrow.) So I ended up using a jig saw to cut all the patterns, sanding to shape, and flush trim routing the...
  9. mjgreenwood

    Song Help Request Songs Like: Boodle am Shake

    Searching around for 1920's style music like Boodle Am Shake. New to this music genre and I like it :) Any suggestions to songs you like from this era?
  10. mjgreenwood

    Fpx Bending plans suggestions

    I've been trying to find a set of plans for a fox bending machine that will be usable with ukes and guitars. From my reading and googling it looks like I should build a guitar size base and make my ukulele molds taller to work with the same size calls and bolts. any thoughts or suggestion on...
  11. mjgreenwood

    Fret board finish

    First refinishing project: I've just removed a real nasty shellac from an old uke. I'm was just thumbing through some ideas for a new finish and realized I had an issue with the fret-board. It's a light hardwood neck/fret board. How should I attack protecting the little frets when I spray...
  12. mjgreenwood

    Banjo Uke - Is a new skin going to fix the problem

    Name I found that it is a veneer, (couldn't see the seams). So it's apart. I'm wondering what kind of finish is safe for the skin?
  13. mjgreenwood

    Banjo Uke - Is a new skin going to fix the problem

    Here are a few with the bridge, strings and new grover tuners. Look at the neck and body colors, that's after about 5 minutes with the alcohol. The body should clean up nice. Not sure what color I'd like to make it or how to clean up the hardware. It needs a little setup, strings a tad high...
  14. mjgreenwood

    Banjo Uke - Is a new skin going to fix the problem

    There are before photos
  15. mjgreenwood

    Banjo Uke - Is a new skin going to fix the problem

    I picked up a banjo uke during an expedition to the flea market. The pegs where either broke or missing and it had no bridge. I threw a new grover bridge and a set of grover friction pegs (they suck) and a set of aquila banjo uke stings on there. It sounds horrible, really muddy. when I...
  16. mjgreenwood

    Chicago Area Uker

    I picked up the uke a few months back, as a guitar player I found that the uke showed me a number of deficits in strumming and some other areas. So now I have the bug and have 5 ukes. I'm here to find more music to play and master more funky strum patterns. I also play guitar for Church...
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