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  1. bonesoup

    FS: Pono AT $140

    Specs here. I bought this during an HMS sale, so I'm passing the savings on to you. It's a GREAT uke but I just prefer sopranos. It has two tiny dings where the back meets the sides. See pics. Otherwise it's mint. It has no case, but it's spent its life in the Florida humidity. It will be...
  2. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music 6

    This is from the 20s and I think it would be called a novelty song. "The Coat and Pants Do All the Work but the Vest Gets All the Gravy." Guy comes home from work, takes off his suit, and sits down to dinner with his vest on. But taking off the suit means taking off the pants. So what kind of...
  3. bonesoup

    Heftone is back!

    After a looong time (4 years) Brian Hefferan is back posting videos. There's two new ones with Lil Rev. But dip back into his channel too if you love Martins and ragtime and more. Awesome musician.
  4. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music 5: Can This Be Love? (instrumental, 1930)

    So many of the songs in this vintage sheet music collection come from musicals. Like this one. Thank you. I hope you enjoy.
  5. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music 4: California Here I Come (instrumental, 1924)

    I overdubbed the intro with a low G because the sheet music called for it. Actually there's one low F note too but I couldn't reach that without downtuning. Otherwise it's the usual - one live take of the solo all the way through, and same for the rhythm. Actually the song is a fox trot but I...
  6. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music 3: Blue, Blue, Blue (Gershwin instrumental)

    Last week I did Blah-Blah-Blah, this week it's Blue, Blue, Blue haha. Music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, 1943. Sheet music from Uke arranger not specified. This song is from the musical "Let 'Em Eat Cake." Thank you, I hope you enjoy.
  7. bonesoup

    Adding fretboard binding after the fact?

    Hey guys could you answer a question please? Is it possible to add fretboard binding to a uke after the build is complete? Is that something you could take to a luthier and he would glue it on? Most important, does it require sanding down the sides of the neck or some kind of structural change...
  8. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music 2: Blah-Blah-Blah

    Back with another selection from Ian Chadwick's vintage sheet music collection. This one is by the Gershwins, George and Ira. It's from 1941. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
  9. bonesoup

    Vintage Sheet Music - Beauty Parade

    This is from Ian Chadwick's vintage sheet music collection, which I recently purchased and am really enjoying. These old tunes are quite challenging and complex. But beautiful too. Beauty Parade was composed by Andrew Donnelly in 1929 for a traveling revue. The song is a march so I imagine...
  10. bonesoup

    Strings Aquila carbon black -new strings

    Very cool, Mimmo. :D Looking forward to your sound sample and first impressions, Booli.
  11. bonesoup

    Ohta-San and Lyle Ritz albums - free

    I found these albums on, a great source for digitized 78s, and other old music. You can stream or download them. Enjoy! Ohta-San - Song for Anna (1973) Ohta-San - The Wonderful World of the Ukulele (2000) Lyle Ritz - How About Uke? (1957) Lyle Ritz - No Frills (2006)
  12. bonesoup

    NUD - Wunderkammer Ike soprano

    I couldn't be happier with my new uke! It's all solid mahogany body and neck, and everything else is rosewood - fretboard, faceplate, nut, bridge, saddle. First impressions - it's like your birthday party as a kid. Pure joy. This puppy weighs 341 grams on our kitchen scale! Light and lightly...
  13. bonesoup

    FS - Earnest Palomino concert uke in mango

    This is the best sounding uke I've ever played and I'm sad to let it go. But I have a new custom on the way. I bought it last year from the luthier, Joel Eckhaus. I'm the first owner. It has lived in a case with an Oasis humidifier. I'm currently on vacation in Florida. It will ship from...
  14. bonesoup

    Wunderkammer Ike progress pics

    I ordered an Ike from luthier Liam Kirby in the UK. It's a mahogany soprano. If you're not familiar with Wunderkammer, check out Baz's review here. Also Sam Muir plays one, so between her and what Baz had to say, I had to get one for myself. On with the pics!
  15. bonesoup

    Aldrine's New Business

    I signed up and it changed my life.
  16. bonesoup

    String Test - Earnest Palomino

    Hopefully this will be of interest! Since I got my custom in July, I've been trying out different strings to see what I like. Now I'd like to hear what you think? Earnest Palomino concert ukulele All solid mango body 6 different string sets, all high G: - Aquila Nylgut - Worth CL - Aquila Reds...
  17. bonesoup

    What are tricky wicky wackies

    Hormonal teenagers? From the 1920s, talking about being close to your gal, "where the tricky wicky wackies woo".
  18. bonesoup

    Did you play uke in the '80s - or before?

    How was it playing uke before the latest revival? Did you know others who played? Were there events or clubs? How was the uke community in Hawaii then?
  19. bonesoup

    Louisiana 1927

    It's been 10 years since the hurricane. I lived in New Orleans, pre-Katrina. I have friends there who were badly affected. Some lost their homes, but none lost their lives. They're still there today.
  20. bonesoup

    Custom in progress - Earnest Instruments Palomino

    Check it out! This is a concert in mango. Joel is putting a satin finish on it and then i should have it in my grubby little hands. Cannot wait! If youre in the market for a custom, ive had a completely positive experience with Joel. Must be patient. Soon, soon...
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